Summer Plans :-) Please Stay Tuned for More.

            How to introduce the internet world to my summer plans…. Hmm.  First things first, I am going to China where I will be spending 10 weeks (so basically the whole summer) between two different cities.  For those of you who are prone to creeping or stalking via google earth I will be in Lanzhou and Xining, which are in the Qinghai province.
            This summer has been a long time coming.  I have grown up going on mission trips with the youth group and gallivanting around the globe going on mission trips with other organizations as well.  Now it is my time to be really adventurous.  In about 24 hours I am going to hop across the pond, AKA the Pacific Ocean and land in the country I love.
            I have gone to China the last two summers and participated in a leadership camp there.  Through this I have come to realize just how much I love the people of this country.  There is no real explanation for this other than that God has just filled me with love for them.   The Chinese gave me the name Li Ai, which means “beautiful love.”   I hope that remains true of my actions there this summer.
            I am very excited to see what God has in store, to try my hand at several different things, to LIVE in China for a couple of months, to have adventures, and to learn.  It is stressful though.  As excited as I am for this life-changing summer, it is a challenging thing to tackle finals, your roommate’s wedding, and a summer overseas all in one week.
            Please pray for safe, stress-free, smooth, and easy travel because I will be going there by myself.  Pray that I am humble and have the right focus.  Pray that God is glorified and lives are changed. 
            Keep your eyes on this blog.  I want to keep you posted on life and prayer requests J

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