I Love China!

Today, May 21, I feel like I am in China and I love it!!!
I skyped my boyfriend from an internet café, I went next door to the convenience store to get some tea before I headed back to my Chinese apartment, in a Chinese apartment complex, where there is Chinese writing in a Chinese smelling city.
After that I went to lunch at KFC with Estie and Nelmarie (girls I who are here from South Africa).   While I was there I pushed through the line like a Chinese person.  When I sat down a Chinese girl came up to talk to me.  Her name was Vicky and she spoke well in English.  That didn’t make me feel so Chinese; after all she was only coming to talk to me because I am a foreigner.  BUT I felt Chinese because I was able to exchange Chinese cell phone numbers with her! 
After that I navigated my way home on the bus by MYSELF!  Ok that really isn’t hard I rode on the same bus I always ride on and got off at the clock tower.  The point is that I was the only foreigner on the bus this time. Later in the day I got a taxi and went across town to hang out with some friends from GA.
All in all it was a day filled with adventures =).  I hope just the first of many. 
Honestly, I find it less frightening to travel around China by alone than I do to be in America alone.  No I can’ read anything, or say more than hello, my name is, thank you, goodbye, and count to ten if I am lucky.  No I don’t always know what I am pointing to on the menu.  But I feel at home here.  I have a love for these people and this country in my heart, so I am no easily frightened.  Instead I am excited to be here. 
For the time being, for this summer, I LIVE IN CHINA! 
And if you ask me that is pretty awesome. 

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