My New Reality

Friday May 19th
So I have been gone from America for nearly a week, and have been in China for about 4 days.  The first day here was very hard, but since then Dad has been so faithful to uplift my spirit and focus me on why I am here- to worship Him and bring others into that worship.  To love.
I have already have had several adventures!  Here in XiNing there are quite a few foreigners.  I was able to fellowship with several of the foreign women here one evening.  It was a great time of encouragement and seeing what all Dad is doing!  Seeing older women who started out like me and are now still going and still spreading Dad’s love… I hope to be one of their number some day (well I mean I am right now). 
There is a large minority Chinese group here who are Muslim.  Their physical appearance is slightly different from the rest of the Chinese, and you can tell them apart easily by their attire.  The men wear round white caps and the women wear scarves on their heads.  There are so many of them here.  On Fridays at 1 the men gather at the mosque to pray so I had the opportunity to go and do some praying of my own along with two South African girls who are here for a while. 
It is really sad to think about the bondage these people are in between Islam and Buddhism.  There are also many Buddhist here; in fact, there is a large monastery in this city I believe.  And then there are the many Muslims who swarm the street as they flock to prayer.  Can you imagine if we had that kind of obedience and dedication in our own faith?! 

If you would like something to pray for, pray that eyes would be open to the one, true, living God.

Also I am making many friends here, not Chinese ones yet, but that will come in time.  I am hoping to start attending English corners and things here maybe as soon as Wednesday! Also I may have the opportunity to help little kids with soccer on Fridays!  How perfect for me :-).
My days start off with some personal devotional time before the kiddos are up and about. Once they are up it is breakfast and play time.  Which is also when I get most of my emails from home because it is night time in America when it is morning here.  At 10 we start home schooling.  I help the 4 and 5 year old with their phonics.  After school it is time for lunch.  Once the 2 year old goes down for her nap it is free time or errands time.  Then at night my day ends in the same fashion it started with emails and devotion time. 
I have to say that I still love coffee just as much as I do in America.  I savor it every time I drink it.  It is like my own little blessing, my way of spoiling myself.  It is my comfort. 
For me personally, I am filled with hope at all that this summer could bring.  All the Chinese I could learn, the contacts I will make, what I will learn about living overseas, and most of all what Dad will show me about His heart.  I am making a lot of friends and dreaming up a lot of adventures.  So stay tuned because there will be more to come!

One response to “My New Reality

  1. Keep posting – I'm looking forward to reading all about China!

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