What’s on my Mind this Tubular Tuesday

I have plenty of time this afternoon so I thought that I would use it to write another blog post.  Currently the parents are away working on getting visas so myself and the two girls from South Africa are taking care of the kiddos. 

It isn’t glamorous, and it sounds a little boring.  BUT it is actually quite a bit of fun.  These kids are hilarious when they are behaving, and Estie and Nelmarie are awesome girls.
The thing that I am focusing on is that this is such a blessing to this family.  And by blessing them I am serving our Creator and His greater purpose here.  If I can help them with their kiddos that frees them to do the work here that they feel called to.
That can be a hard focus to keep sometimes.
The other thing that has happened the last couple days is that I have been blessed with amazing communication with home.  That is a huge blessing, and I am not taking it for granted.  Instead I am trying to make the most of communication while I have it.  I think that I am going to be doing some traveling with the family here very soon, when that happens I do not know what kind of internet access I will have.  That is a sad thing, but I know it will force me to pray for the people at home more because it is the closest thing I will have to talking to them. BUT on the bright side going to different cities will be a really amazing opportunity, and clearly i LOVE to travel.
One thing I really admire about this family is that they have devotional time twice a day.  Now that is pretty cool.  SO twice a day the kids are being discipled.  As young as they are, the amazing thing is that they get it.  It is so amazing to me how Dad made children so spiritually aware, and I don’t think that we give them that credit very often.
I am working on memorizing the Beatitudes, once that is done, who knows what next.
Also, today is a little bittersweet.  Today marks 2 months till I head home.  Thanks to the time change I leave here on July 24th and arrive home on July 24th.  That is a joyous thing because I do miss people at home plus when I get home I will begin my senior year of college. 
However, only having two months left also gives me a heavy heart.  I know that 2 months is a long time, but it seems quite short when I think about the fact that it is all the time I have left in China.  I mean yes I hope, and really think, that I will be back here again someday, but for now I want to make the most of the time I have been given, be the best steward I can be, and leave the biggest impact I can.  I love this country, because I love these people, because Dad has put so much love for them in my heart.  I hope to leave this summer having done as much as I can to touch these people with that love.
Only 2 months left… I better get busy.
Bye for now!
Ps…How is everyone’s summer at home going?

One response to “What’s on my Mind this Tubular Tuesday

  1. Keep your eyes fixed on the present moment. It's hard, but I know you're going to make the most of every day you have in China!

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