Prayers and Pictures

Prayer Requests:
  1. Safety when I travel because we are here, there and everywhere right now.
  2. That I would learn some more Chinese so that I can talk to these people.
  3. That THE Light would shine in this darkness.  
    • Honestly, pray some crazy big things… that all these mosques would be emptied and torn down, that they would go from somewhat nominal Islam to whole-heartedly worshiping the Living God. 
    • Pray that the Temples on the mountain tops here would become places where the Lord is worshiped, a place where beautiful feet that bring Good News stand.
  4. The family that i live with, that they would be unified and filled with love. A place where God is glorified and His love demonstrated both in ministry and in the relationships there.
  5. I need humility, patience, being a learner, and having a servants heart.
    • I want to learn about the people, the culture, how/what it takes to be here.
    • I need the right focus–> God’s agenda and not mine.
    • I want to be a blessing to the people here.  
  6. Joy, peace…. Basically all the fruit of the Spirit
  7. That I would develop the Father’s heart for the Chinese and Tibetans, see them through His eyes, and gain further insight into God’s calling for my life.
  8. That I will continue to find rest.  
    • Rest physically in the form of a good night’s sleep no matter where I am. 
    • Rest emotionally. 
    • Rest spiritually because I need to rest in my Creator.  Sit at His feet.  Be filled up so I can pour out.
  9. To maintain relationships with people at home, but not to be homesick, and to find a balance between maintaining relationships a home and being fully here.
  10. Pray for the seeds that have been planted in the lives of some of the people that we have met with, students at English corners, the two Tibetan girls, and a girl named Vicky that i met at KFC.  Also pray for the believers i have met that they would be strengthened, discipled, and be Jesus just in Chinese skin.
  11. Lastly, that this summer would prepare me for heading into my senior year and “growing up.”

some pictures
Most of them won’t upload but here are some random things that i experience here.

Me and Gabriel 🙂

Chinese microwave popcorn.  
ps… the pink and red bags are better

Skype date with my mom (and my dad on speaker)


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