The Rewards

Disclaimer:  I was told not to use real city names so bear with me.
My schedule this week was quite ridiculous.  On Sunday evening the wife, the kids and I got on a train (my first Chinese train ride!!!).  And we went to LanJ.  We spent a day and a half there working on visa things, staying at a friend’s house, saying goodbye to our South African friends, and meeting with other foreigners. 

From there we went to LingS.  LanJ has 2 million people in it and is rather large, but this city was much smaller.  It has many Tibetan people.  The drive there is heartbreaking… seeing how they farm and seeing mosque after mosque after mosque, and some Buddhist temples too. 
Anyway we spent the night there and the next day went back to LanJ and I hopped on a bus back to XiN.  And I have had many adventures of my own and am about to have many more. 

Ok now that you have the skeleton outline let me elaborate on this past week. It has been crazy.  Traveling with the family was a battle for joy and proper focus.  While it is a great opportunity to learn about the people, the culture, what other foreigners are doing here, and what it takes to live here, it is also very stressful and draining to never know what is next. Plus travel is hard on children, and therefore hard on the ones that are helping with said children. 

But God is so faithful in the midst of that.  Here are the highlights of what I have gotten to do:
Last Saturday I had lunch with a girl named Vicky.  She and I will hopefully continue talking… I hope to be able to share the Good News with her this summer, to at least plant a seed. 
Also last Saturday I had the chance to go to an orphanage and hold kids who have cerebral palsy and little babies.  That was a blessing. God poured so much grace and love into those kids that day, and I got to be his instrument.  That was amazing.

On the train I sat with a bunch of Chinese girls who are in university.  We played cards and just had a great time.  That was a fun opportunity to learn a few new Chinese words, and fellowship with the people that God has placed on my heart.

Since I have been back in XiN, I have been able to go to an English corner where I met a Chinese girl who is part of our family and pray with her.  Random fact about her… she is an amazing beatboxer and her boyfriend is also part of our family.  

Kate and Alex (2 girls from GA) and I had the pleasure to go to her school and help at their english club yesterday…. That was SOOO Much fun!
I met up with a team from Texas who are here for a couple weeks and they were great.  That was some very refreshing fellowship.  I have been able to hang out with Kate and Alex more as well which is very refreshing, encouraging, and a source of joy. 

Lastly last night we had dinner with two Tibetan girls.  We were able to share the Good news with them.  It really seemed like Dad was touching them, softening their hearts to His word.
So the lesson I have learned is that if your hearts focus is right, things aren’t so bad.  God gives grace to make it through and if you will just hold on He has something great waiting on the other side for you. 
Comparison, focus, worship, negativity, homesickness, patience, and a need to pray are all things that I am dealing with right now.  Last night I got to spend time with a woman who is here long term, and she shared how what I am experiencing now is just a taste of what people who are here long term experience.
I am getting ready to go on a trip with Kate and Alex to meet with some guys from GA in a city that is quiet Tibetan.  First i think that we are going camping. lol.  But this week will be an experience.  Wednesday I meet back up with the family, and resume life as not-so-normal.  So we will see what Dad has in store!

Like I said before this life is NOT GLAMOROUS…. But hard work and a lot of prayer opens doors.  Doors that need to be opened.  There are so many Chinese who have yet to hear about THE Savior. 

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  1. Your work is doing more than you know. Keep it up!

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