Devra vs. The Stairs

There are two things you should know about me.  1)The first you probably already knew, but I like to run.  I run a fair amount. Tonight for instance the Ge2 Lee and I went for a run at 9:30pm.

2)The other is something that you may not know about me: the stairs and I have had a lifelong enmity between us.  They do all they can to get to me to fall down them or trip up them.
Apparently I give them the upper hand when I am unable to clearly see them because it is dark outside.  Who knew?
The stairs did… they took advantage of such a great opportunity and sneak attacked me.  Like a ninja they came out of nowhere!
With no warning I was suddenly completely sprawled out on the sidewalk.
Thanks to my sturdiness and all the extra calcium from the extra nai in my nai cha (milk tea) I came away from this brush with my rival the stairs without any broken bones, strains, sprains, or truly inconveniencing injuries of any type.
BUT the stairs managed to draw some blood… so my white leggings are soaking to get the blood out and my left knee is sporting an “I ❤ converse" Band-Aid and extra Neosporin.

The inconvenient part of this injury is that since I live in a Muslim city and have to wear long pants or leggings whenever I go out no one outside this apartment will have the pleasure of seeing my awesome Band-Aid.  If it were a superhero Band-Aid I would really be depressed…

Keeping the first aid kit handy,

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