Thoughts from a Snuffaluffagus

Here is an interesting fact: the family I live with… they have a curse that has been following them.  That curse would be no running water.  The last place we lived the water went out a lot, and here we have had water for only a couple of hours the last 2 days. 
Now before you think that I am living in some barbaric place, a hut, or a dilapidated apt building that should be condemned allow me to clarify that I am indeed living in a very nice building with all modern furnishings (hence internet access).  It just happens that either something is wrong with the pipes, OR this is just another case of the Chinese not making any sense to me.       
But who needs running water when you have Jesus.  He is living Water, and He has provided enough water for our needs. Do not to take water or good plumbing for granted. Lesson learned.  Check.
I have a couple of prayer requests.  Beyond just that the Lord would continue to move here and strengthen those who are here full time.  Beyond that He would continue to fuel the passions He has given me and give me His heart for this country.  Here are the two more pressing prayer requests that I have now:

1)Pray for the family:  They start their journey to America tomorrow.  Pray for safe travels there, safe travels in America, that the kids would behave well, that they would be met with favor wherever they go, that this time in the Americas would be restful and would clarify the vision God has given them for their lives, and that all their needs would continue to be met.

2) Pray for me… I am battling allergies, or a head cold or something.  I would really like my sinuses to be clear before I fly, because flying congested is not pleasant. Plus it is just not fun to be constantly sniffing, snuffling, and blowing.  It makes you always sleepy.  I feel like Snufffaluffagus (the wooly mammoth from Sesame Street, in case that reference went over your head)
this would be Mr. Snuffaluffagus

God is good.  Today was a wonderful Wednesday and tomorrow will be a thankful Thursday!  As I learned from Psalm 112 today, if you delight in the commands of the Lord and fear Him then your heart will be established and the your faith will shine like the city on the hill Jesus calls us to be. 
Only 4 days left now.  Here’s to making the most of them, loving God more at the end of them, and getting home safe.
Li Ai 

One response to “Thoughts from a Snuffaluffagus

  1. did you know that snuffaluffagus was apparently Big Bird's hallucination…apparently he was the only one that could see Snuffie…just a fun fact lol…I miss you a ton chica!

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