The Final Countdown

It is the final countdown.  I will be home so soon. This has been my last full day in China, and even though I have started packing I still cannot fathom the fact that tomorrow morning the gun sounds and i leave from the starting blocks here in Yinchuan on my way home. As of right now i only have 45 hours till i am home, only about 16 more in China.  Looking back I can remember the day I left very visibly, and it does not seem like it was 10 weeks ago.
The last two days have been very relaxing.  I have had a lot of personal space and alone time to get my head and my heart ready to come home. I have worked out, helped cook and eaten Chinese food, i have fellowshiped with these people, played games with them, learned from them, served them, and been blessed by them.  I just finished babysitting the two daughters of one of the families in this complex so they can enjoy a quiet night about with each other. 
That is something that i have definitely grown in this summer… my ability to take care of children.  Not the reason I came to China, but hey a bonus is always nice.
Less than 12 hours from now i will be headed to the airport for leg one of my journey home… I better finish packing.  I wonder if Anderson Cooper will be there waiting to give me my first set of instructions and then leave me little challenges along the way till i get home.  My own little mini amazing race.  the benefit is that since i would be the only contestant i would automatically win!
PS… i am a fan of the show The Amazing Race.  I think it would be super fun to be a contestant on that show. (shout out to my Aunt Marilyn)

Well i don’t have much else to write.  I am in the middle of this transition so when I have processed through it some more I will fill you in.  In the mean time I think the best words to leave you with to describe my journey home are those of Peter Pan’s “Second star on the right, then straight on till morning.” Because I really will be going straight on till morning.”  

Wanan (translation: good night) for the last time from China

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