Tick Tock

So apparently I am horrible at having a blog.  Maybe it is because I am not sure how I want to use this space that was created for my summer abroad now that I am home in my fairly normal life in the states.  Maybe it is because I am just not disciplined enough to write regularly (ok, I definitely know it’s that).  Or maybe it is because I spend my Saturday mornings looking for reasons not to hit the next button and move on to my 5th episode of Smallville

Whatever reasons aside, I am writing now.  I am on spring break, and instead of just lounging around pointlessly, now that I have some time I am going to use it to do the things I never have time for- novel idea I know. 

Time is something that I have a hard time wrapping my head around.  I get it and loose it; use it and waste it.  I know how to manage it, but all the time managing in the world can’t keep time from slipping through your fingers the same as anyone else. 
What I am trying to say here is that four years ago I came to college, and now I am on the precipice of graduating and stepping into my next phase of life.  Four years is a lot of time; what do I have to show for it?

Looking back I actually have some cool things to show for the last four years.  But looking back I also realize that I can’t do anything about the past.  That time has already come and gone and now what I am left with is doing something with the present and making something of the future. 

So what will I do?  I have a bucket list of things to do pre-college graduation (starting this blog back up is one of them).  I think that is a good start.  This is something I have been praying about and that God has been working on me with- that eternity is coming. My life is fleeting, and it will keep ticking by as it wills.

My challenge to myself: make my last month of college count for something and be full of memories.

and for humor’s sake watch this video on the Ke$ha song “Tik Tok” because I think it is hilarious.

PS…. this is how bad I am at blogging. I wrote this last week on spring break and didn’t post it till now.  I will get better at this.  “Do or do not. There is no try.”


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