A Hyper Bride-to-Be

I know last week I told you to look forward to a post about our current zucchini mayhem, BUT I still have a few more things to make and more importantly a few more zucchinis to PICK…. It’s crazy. They just keep coming.  As a teaser though, here are a couple pictures:
this picture shows most of the garden
the first fruits: ZUCCHINI, green beans, and just a few snow peas

Will loves to garden, and I am developing a liking for it. I find the challenge of finding something to do with all the produce fun to tackle! (although I am a mess in the kitchen…) Also, I love the fresh veggies! And as cheesy as this sounds, I really enjoy seeing how excited Will gets to check on the garden the instant we pull up to his house in NKY on the weekends.

All that about the garden being said…. I will explode if I write anymore before stopping to say that we’re getting married in less than 3 weeks! It’s like 16 days and few hours! I can’t believe how soon it is…. This last weekend Will took me as his automatic plus one to a wedding of a high school friend of his. Everyone there kept saying “You’re next!” or “Your wedding is so soon!” or “We’ll see you two again in a couple weeks at YOUR wedding!” ect…
Anyway, the whole time my excitement just kept building (and it still is, just like that garden keeps spitting out zucchinis). I think that for the first time I realized just how soon it is. And I can’t wait. I get hyper just thinking about it. It’s just right. I am about to marry the best man I know! Anyway, enough with the vomit-inducing, bride-to-be mush. But really, it’s so soon!

My other noteworthy adventures: Ellie and I have been reunited, after a VERY long Saturday of driving all the way to Saint Louis to swap my sister’s car for Ellie (my 96, periwinkle blue Ford Contour). Ellie decided to throw a temper tantrum on the way to Kentucky a few weeks back and have her transmission go out. So 2 weeks later, Will and I drive to Saint Louis, see my family (which was great!), get reunited with Ellie, and don’t get home till 2AM!
 However, Ellie got temperamental again. When we pulled into the wedding reception Will said “Your car is hard to turn.”
Me: “No she isn’t.”
Man in parking spot next to us: pointing down “Your tire!”
Yes… the tire was flat…. And we were all dressed up…. AND it was literally 101 degrees outside. Yay! Luckily God had our backs again- it was just a bad valve stem. $10 as opposed to $60+.

Us at the wedding

you can’t see it very well since there is no weight on the tire,
but it is FLAT

Funny how life changes so much in a year:This 4th of July we went back up to NKY for a family cookout. Also, we got to see bits and pieces of fireworks from the top level of a Lexington parking garage too! SOOO different from last 4th of July when I was hiking the Great Wall of China outside Beijing (there is a post about that: http://li-ai.blogspot.com/2011/07/unconventional-4th-of-july-from-great.html).

Us in our somewhat patriotic attire.

Oh side note: we hosted our first dinner last week! Had the future brother and sister-in-law over. Will made the DELICIOUS “onion explosion beef” Chinese dish that he made for me the night he proposed, and I made peanut butter cookies. (less complicates, but still delicious!)

So yeah, that is my life. Throw in a war between some wasps, Will, Carrieli, and I, work, Bible Study, and pre-marital counseling and you’ve now lived it. Just be excited for the post about the zucchini plant that is taking over the world.

Enjoy your adventures this week! 

It’s time for me to get back to my zucchinis. 😉
Until next time!

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