Life Since the Honeymoon

A brief introduction here. 

I am starting a new blog, but I am not starting something new.  My old blog, plus a few other things have been loaded into here.  I am only starting a new blog because I wanted a more organized format for Will and I’s thoughts and adventures.

Culinary Concoctions: For our adventures in the kitchen, when I want to tell the world how to be as good of a cook as Will or how to make a mess in the kitchen like a pro (that’s what I do).  Or when I want to show of pictures of our yummy and colorful dinners =)

Making Pinterest Proud: for the adventuresome moments when I do something crafty, and it turns out good =)

Devotions: I used to write devotionals for my school for a blog they had.  Those are there, and whenever I have some nugget from my adventures of seeking after God I will add them to this tab.

Everyday Adventures: I like to see life in full color, everyday is an adventure.  So here is where our rambles go.  Our pictures. Our stories. Our major (and what I pretend are major) life events go.  This is where the real story of how we are better together gets told =)

Now for the good stuff.

What I have learned from our ALMOST 1 MONTH (!!!) of being married is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  It should be strange that I am living with a boy and that we have bills, that we redid the house, that we share our incomes, that I am signing a different name now, and that we share a bed.  BUT somehow it has been the most natural, seamless transition.

I shouldn’t be taken aback by the smoothness of it.  Our relationship has been characterized by that from the get go.  From the first time I picked him up at the airport, through every visit that followed, to my move, and now into this- we have always slipped into each other’s lives with easy, like puzzle pieces.

The changes that we have experienced in the last month have for the most part been circumstantial.  We have not changed.  Our titles changed, but our commitment to each other remained the same.  Our routines changed, but now I get to watch Smallville at night with Will instead of calling him at night.  Either way, I still spend the evening with him =).  I’ve been doing my own laundry for a while.  Doing his isn’t a change; it’s just a little more laundry.

See the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Too bad me being gluten free can’t be changed.  BUT for anyone else out there who’s bodies hate you when you eat gluten- check out  I got a living social coupon to that website and was able to stalk up on all kinds of good stuff without having to make a trip to the whole foods store OR pay full price.  Instead, all the tummy friendly foods showed up right at my door step =)

My parents got to be the first people who we had over, about 2 weeks ago when they came for our cookout reception at the farm as you can tell by the picture this was prior to us having chairs for our kitchen table.  BUT we have them now! And everyone has to start somewhere =)


A lot of changes have been made to THE HOUSE to turn it into OUR HOME, so be expecting a lot of before and after pictures to get posted in the next week or so.

Here is a teaser of our home makeover.

We have chairs! We can eat at our table!!!!
So we inaugurated it with a dinner of steak, sauteed onions, and asparagus =)
To see the chair makeover see the “Making Pinterest Proud” section

Also, Paul and Melanie are coming to visit us next weekend so we will have our first real house guests!


One response to “Life Since the Honeymoon

  1. Marriage is such a fun journey! Your new blog is going great and your home looks like it’s coming together! Enjoy each other!

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