DIY Wedding

One lesson that I have learned during Will and I’s engagement was that the wedding business must be one of the most lucrative ones there is.  Every minute item is marked with an extravagant price, and it is all gobbled up like turkey on Thanksgiving because people will do just about anything to make their special day and event to remember.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed planning my wedding and making it an accurate, meaningful, and gorgeous expression of Will and I.  It was a beautiful day to kick off what will be a beautiful marriage, and all the guests really enjoyed themselves.  BUT my family is not one to spend more money than we need to or boy down to society’s opulence.

Our solution- DIY Wedding  (for pictures of everything go to our wedding album:

here are some of our reception decorations

So for all you brides-to-be out there here is how we made it happen:

1) Paper (invitations, programs, save the dates)

We were blessed by Will’s brother being in graphic design.  He made our save the dates and helped with our invitations which cut cost a lot.

We bought our own envelopes.  It took some time and frustration, but we found them.  Then we printed all the addresses onto them, which made them look nice and classy.

For the invitations we made our own plain but adorable invitation on Inkgarden.  His brother made the RSVP inserts, and we cut, glued, and tied ribbons around them to hold everything together and make them look super classy.

The programs I made in publisher, we bought our own paper, and then just had them printed which was cheaper then ordering them from somewhere, and more personal.

2) The one you are all waiting for: Decorations

Man is there ever a lot of decorating to do when you have an indoor wedding.  I had always wanted a rustic outdoor wedding, so my mom and I had a challenge in front of us to bring the outdoors in.  I wanted rustic but indoor weddings have to be a little classier- depending on your event space.

  • Centerpieces-  lace covered mason jars with ribbon & floating candles
    • We took mason jars (we had them already, but they are very inexpensive) and bought a couple of yards of lace fabric (not trim, that is way more money) and hot glued it on to the jar.
    • Then we tied/hot glued ribbon around them.  We did them all a little different.  Different gray and purple ribbons done in different ways.
    • After all that we put the silver ring on the top and began arranging flowers.
    • For the floating candles we had the small jelly jar mason jars.
    • We cut the extra lace into strips and tied a bow around each jar.
    • Then we set them on little round slices of a tree branch.
    • TIP!!!! The caterer put an extra napkin in the middle of each table to use instead of us having to by special paper or a mirror or anything like that.
    • Table numbers
      • These were also on pieces of wood.  My mom put wire stands on the back of the wood so it would sit up like a picture frame.
      • Then she twisted twine and ribbon together and glued it on in the shape of the number.
      • Seating chart
        • We had some old shudders that we painted and crackled.
        • We printed of place cards ourselves and slipped them into the slats on the shudders.
        • Head table
          • Lace wrapped jars for the bridesmaids’ bouquets
          • A couple branch like fake orchids to lay on the table
          • My mom made a special table number- one said Mr. one said Mrs. and she put a lace heart in between the two =)
          • I made two special arrangements for either side of Will and I.  They were cylinders with gray rock at the bottom, an orchid going up the middle, and a floating candle at the top just above the orchids.
          • Pews
            • A bundle of twigs tied together like a fan
            • A purple flower tied on with fishing wire so that it stayed in place going up the middle
            • And a couple pieces of some fake twig with little white flowers.
            • All that had a purple bow at the bottom of the fan and they were hung on the pew with twine.
            • The Stage
              • Lit up dogwoods
                • My mom and I raided the woods and cut down big branches or baby trees.
                • Stripped all the leaves off
                • Put them in flowerpots and set them up in plaster of paris.
                • We covered them in spray on glitter (or “pixie dust” as I referred to it)
                • Then my mom and sister ran little deco lights up the branches and tied them in place with fishing wire.
                • The last step was hot gluing on blooms that we popped off of fake dogwood branches we bought.
  • We had 6 of those trees in the shape of a flying v on the stage and that was the main decoration outside of fake leaves and extra blooms on the floor and loads of candles.

3) The Extra Details

  • Favors
    • We brought Ale 8 from Kentucky (it’s a soda in a green glass bottle)
    • We bought the nice card stock gift tags and wrote a thank you message and a guests name on all of them.
    • Tied those on with twine
    • And put them on the tables as name cards/favors.
    • Ring Bearer’s “Pillow”
      • It was actually my small Bible with leftover lace from the centerpiece jars tied on it like you put ribbon on a present.
      • Garter
        • My mom made that out off white lace, elastic, and a purple ribbon.
        • Veil
          • We bought some pretty tool
          • Cut it in a circle, then cut it to the right length, then cut the sides open so it could fold over.
          • Sowed it onto a hair comb
          • Unity Candle
            • I bought a plain white candle, carved our initials, wedding date, and the Chinese character for love into it.
            • Filled in where I carved with purple paint
            • Sprayed it with glitter
            • The last special thing was a charm for Will’s boutenir with a picture of his dad in it.

We put a lot of work and time into the wedding.  But in the end, I thought it was great!  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding!  Or one that really fit Will and I’s tastes and personality any better.  It was a phenomenal day that I never want to forget.


One response to “DIY Wedding

  1. I was the same way with my wedding. Anything I could save a dime on and do myself I did.

    These are some great ideas, love the soft lacy look!

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