One Month Down!!!

Life this week has flown by pretty fast.  Lots of good times. Highlights: Dinners with friends, making the new name 100% official, our 1 month anniversary, first core group meetings, and the new coffee table is finished!


On Tuesday, Will and I went to PF Changs and enjoyed way too much, and almost too delicious of food.  That was probably the best part of the week.  I had been looking forward to it for over a week.  I love getting able to get spiffed up, strut around, and chat together. I can’t believe it’s been a month.  It has flown by and has been amazing! I love our life, our home, our routine, and our dreams.


This is us after gorging ourselves at PF Changs =)
Couldn’t be happier.

We had Brian and Peggy over for dinner. Will is so good at stir fry that even the Asians like it =).  Also, I got them hooked on eating more cookie dough than cookies.  Now they have really experienced the glory of America.

They gave us chocolate covered grapes as a hostess gift… They are so sweet.

We also had Matthew and Blair (brother and his wife) over for dinner.  It’s a blessing to have family so close.  And the salmon that Will made, be looking for that on the recipes page eventually. I never even knew I liked salmon, and then he revolutionized my taste buds with this dish.

I am officially, according to social security and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Devra POMEROY!!!! Oh and I am officially a Kentucky resident. =)


Also in case you haven’t noticed, I have done a lot of work with organizing the blog lately.  There are still more devotionals to be uploaded, crafty things I’ve done to the house to be uploaded, and some of our delicious cooking to be shared.  The blog is my little hobby, apparently once you are out of school you need those.  Will has homework for grad school, but not me!  My school days are over =).  The other catch is that not only do you not have homework, but you are no longer surrounded by people asking you to hang out all the time.  I am not saying that there is a huge increase in free time, just that being around your home is more chill than it was in college.

This new found chill factor causes me to be pretty stir crazy.  I like to be up doing things.  I like to feel productive.  I like to be able to look at my day and feel like I have accomplished something.  I know, I need to be able to kick back and relax more, and just enjoy the life God has blessed me with before He calls me home, but that is easier said than done.  Hence, this blog being one of my hobbies.

I am also embracing my more crafty and creative side.  Recovering chairs, making an awesome coffee table (props to Will for building it!), and just trying to find little ways to add those extra cute details to our new home =).

So explore the pages, and see if you like anything.  Also, let me know if you have any ideas of anything I should do to my blog or blog about!  Thanks!


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