Utensil Jar Detail

I am a firm believer in the fact that details matter.  Details are what make or break something.  It’s detail that make something stand out from the crowd.  It is the details that distinguish between good and great.  And I also am a subscriber to the go big or go home mantra.  The obvious result being that I pay a lot of attention to detail on things in our home.  It is our first home so I want it to be a great one. No settling for good.

Our utensil jars were nice and good.  They look good, they go good, and they function good… all just good.  Well good wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to spruce them up.  So I borrowed Will’s mom’s hot glue gun and found the perfect use for all the pieces of twine we had leftover from our wedding favors.

While we watched our nightly episode of Smallville I hot glued twine onto the utensil jars and now they look like this:

Conclusion: a crafty project pinterest would be proud of. =)


  • only glue them every so often.  It is less messy than having to glue each inch of it, and it is easier to work with.
  • go slow and watch to keep the pieces going level.  mine were really crooked in a few places which was hard to correct.

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