The Routine

Let me tell you how I make my “rounds” on the internet every morning.

First, I check  This website offers daily deals at GREAT prices.  They have several different pages within the website: “techwoot!”, “homewoot!”, “sportwoot!”, “kidswoot!”, “shirtwoot!”, “winewoot!”, “selloutwoot!”, and “dealswoot!”.  These are pretty self-explanatory product genres, but my favorite is “dealswoot”.

The second thing I check is a google chrome app called “Groolu” – this app acts a hub for all local deals (for living social, groupon and a few other local deal peddlers) for whatever city you put in.

Make an account for “groupon” here:

Those are the daily checks, but when I know I am going to make a purchase I shop around for the best deal as well.  For example, buying school books is STUPIDLY expensive.  I always start off by checking and I have an amazon credit card that offers 3% cashback for any purchase I make on amazon’s website.  In addition to the 3% off, I found a website called ebates.  Ebates offers a “cashback” bonus for going through their website.  I bought my schoolbooks through their website and got an additional 3% cashback.  So, let’s total this up.  I find the best “deal” on amazon’s website and then get 6% cashback.  Just for comparisons sake – a book I bought was in the UK Bookstore for $120.00, I got it for $95 off of amazon, but I get back 6% of that.  $95*.06 = $5.70.  When it’s all said and done I got the book for 25% off.  One other thing ebates does, they offer cashback bonus for deals bought on groupon/living social.

Make an account for “ebates” here:

Let’s see, what other sites do I use… oh!  My wife and I enjoy sports a lot and her favorite NFL team is the Giants.  I was able to get tickets to the Bengals vs. Giants game for 35% off!  In addition to the 35% off, I navigated to the website through ebates, which gave 8.5% cashback.  I paid $61 for tickets that are normally $90+ AND got just over $10.00 cashback.  The site I use for sports tickets is very similar to stubhub, except it has a bidding interface like that of priceline.  You make offers for the tickets.  The website is called scorebig.  In addition to sporting events, the site also offers deals for concerts and arts/theater.

Make an account for “scorebig” here:

Like I said before, my purpose for this blog is to help you save money.  If you are looking for a specific genre or product – let me know and I will see what I can do to help out.  Happy hunting!


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