Adventures with Poisoned Apples

This week has been nothing short of great!  It was filled with wonderful people, worship, and delicious food.  =)  More of our daily adventures! This time they involved poisoned apples, but no worries, as you will find out, I fared better than Snow White.

First let me say that I have a fantastic husband.=) He took me out on a date this week to a local Thai restaurant. We had a groupon- another one of his deals; and another instance of me being a cheap date.  He got so lucky with his choice of wife ;-).

Will looking like a

Me using my chopsticks to make me look like an alien.
(sorry for the horrible lighting)

Now for the real interesting Adventures:

Remember the zucchinis from earlier this summer… how they were trying to take over the world?  Well, now it is the tomatoes’ turn.

Check out this week’s haul from the garden we have up at the farm:

I spent a good half an hour at least picking all of those.
there are two full Kroger bags, and a full bucket….

Poor Gram, she is going to can most of those!

But first we got some AWESOME homemade pico de gallo from them =).  Pico that I will enjoy, and Will will pretend he doesn’t see in our fridge.  He DESPIES tomatoes.

The real adventure in produce this week was the homemade crock pot applesauce that I made from my pinterest.

See I had been wanting to make it, but we didn’t have any apples.  Well someone, we don’t know who left a bag of apples by our back door.  Now, being the rational woman that I am I was rather leery of these apples.  I have seen Snow White and Enchanted; I know that you do not take apples from strangers because they are poisoned.

Finally Will convinced me to use the poisoned apples to make the applesauce I had been wanting and inaugurate our crock pot.

Now these apples, they were strange.  I mean I had reason to suspect something fish was up beside the fact that they just showed up on our back porch.  The apples’ skin was dark and coarse.

The whole time I was making the apple sauce I kept thinking something was off, but my husband kept assuring me that the apples were fine.  So I put the ingredients in the crock pot, turned it on, and went to sleep to let it cook over night.  In the morning I took the blender to it to break up the chunks. The flavor was good, but the texture was gritty.

I placed the leftover apples back on the back porch and went to work.

When I got home from work the apples were mysteriously gone.  If I didn’t know better I would say that there was something magical about these apples.

Now for the kicker- we were talking about the David Copperfield qualities of our apples when the light clicked in my mind… those WERE NOT apples.  THEY WERE PEARS!

So in summary I made homemade pear sauce from the mysterious poisoned apples.  Only I would do something like that.

Fast forward to Sunday and now there is a whole fruit basket left on our back porch!  What is going on?!

Yep, like 5 days after the poisoned apples, this guy showed up by our back door.

We think it is our oh-so-sweet elderly land lord.

Here is a picture of the best/most successful adventure in produce from this week- baked apples:

I baked these with cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter in the middle.
we filled them with ice cream and topped them with caramel sauce =)

Had a campfire Saturday night at the farm =)
It was the perfect weather to enjoy the flames, sunset, and marshmallows


6 responses to “Adventures with Poisoned Apples

  1. Yep 🙂 That’s my sweet grandpa leaving goodies at the back door! I miss those baskets of Asian Pears he used to leave us!!! If you ever get animals, he leaves treats for them as well 🙂

  2. Love the stories!! Your date sounded super fun and the crockpot story was hilarious. I would so do that!

  3. mrs. pomeroy this was a very good story i just love it !!!!!

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