Being Disciplined Pays Dividends

As usual, the semester picked up last week.  You’d think that after 14 semesters of college I would have figured out that the eventual (and relentless) wave of homework comes crashing ashore very quickly.

Anyway, here is a little update on how the deal hunting goes.

We got our first “big fat check” from Ebates for a whopping $10.22!  It’s not much, but every little bit helps.  Devra and I have decided to set up a separate savings account for any sort of rebate or cash back we get. Over the course of a year, the little savings add up.  For example, so far this year I’ve earned $246.00 cash back using my Discover credit card, if you combine that with my Amazon card cash back you it jumps to about $300.00.

If you simply let these cashback bonuses collect you can use them for some pretty awesome things like a vacation, Christmas gifts, spontaneous road trips, a new iphone 5, or helping a friend in financial need!  Our cashback will likely be going towards getting friends and family Christmas presents this year, which means less financial stress during the holidays.  Something that my mom did is let these rebates go into an investment account for my brother and I.  By the time we each turned 21, those accounts were each worth over $1000, I’ve got a pretty smart Mom!

Since I mentioned something about credit cards, I suppose I will go on my little rant about them.  A lot of people think credit cards are evil and say that you should cut up any you have and never think about getting a new one.  Dave Ramsey, a very popular Christian financial guru is of this opinion.  I disagree with him, but ONLY because I know that some people are financially disciplined enough to not live beyond their means.  For those of you that lack the discipline to pay your bills on-time or that tend to spend more than your make, STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS.  On the other side of the coin (pun intended), credit card companies can help you build your credit score and literally pay you in the process. If you would like a referral to a credit card (and get a $50 cashback bonus) email/facebook me.

The last thing I want to mention in this post is for those of you looking for cheap dates!  Devra and I keep an eye on Groupon/Living Social daily for good date ideas.  We like to try new restaurants and often times local restaurants have 50% off vouchers online.  Last week we went to a place called Jasmine Rice and we got an appetizer and 2 dinners (and we each had leftovers for lunch the next day).  Total, we spent about $20 and it got us out of the house, we tried a new restaurant and had 4 meals… you can’t beat that!

Here is a little deal I found today: 50% off backyard burgers ($5 for $10 worth of food).


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