Football Night in the Pomeroy House

Sunday, otherwise known as the day of rest or as it is known here- football day, is a glorious day in the Pomeroy house.  Football is celebrated here.  It is enjoyed here.  It is prepared for.  Football is a past time that Will and I share together.

Football day in the Pomeroy house kicks off with being able to sleep in and have lots of time in the morning. As a result we have time to fuel up for game day with things like this:

Here is a little morsel from my Pinterest Board “Breakfast for a Lazy Saturday”
… I suppose I should change that to Sunday lol.

Our first play of the day is to go to church (Southland). I love church.  Will loves church.  And we love worshiping our Creator/Savior together.  After church, we do a run play; we run to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week. I like going to the grocery store together.  It is much more enjoyable that way.  For third down we bring in the special teams and have family Sunday lunch with the brother-in-law and his wife (you can see their blog here).

After those things I warm up for the rest of game day with a nice, long, invigorating, and relaxing run. Then we hit the gridiron to tackle something delicious keep us going all through the game like this:

Our homemade chili cheese fries!
Will’s amazing french fries, Cincinnati chili, shredded pepper-jack cheese, and Frank’s red hot. =)

Relaxed, fueled up, and warmed up we settle in for our second half- watching football the rest of the day.  That sounds lazy, but I promise that we take care of business.  UNLESS the Bengals or Giants are on.  When those teams are on the field we are on zoned in, ready to go the distance and maybe lose our voices. Will is a Bengals fan and I am a Giants fan.  They play each other on November 11th, and we will be there (my phenomenal husband got us tickets for my birthday! And told me about them a month before my birthday).

Will’s Loyatly

My Loyalty








We eat football foods, we watch football, we talk about football, and when the day is winding down, we take time outs AKA fall asleep on the couch watching Football Night in America.

Football day in the Pomeroy house is the day when life slows down.  When there is time to relish the things we enjoy, goof off, relax, and somehow still get things done.

I think that the best part of Football Day in the Pomeroy House is that it is our time to come together as a team.  It’s our day to recover from giving it our all throughout the week. It’s our time to reevaluate our goals, refocus on God, enjoy each others’ company, and strategize/prepare for the next week.

Everyone needs a football day.  Maybe not everyone likes football (to each his own I suppose), but everyone needs a day to recharge and regroup before grinding it out the next week.

A few more interesting facts:

Our favorite named player:

Michael Hoomanawanui- TE for the patriots
His name makes us laugh…. sounds like Mount Wannahawkalugi from Finding Nemo

My favorite player:

The Giants QB

Please notice the resemblance between Will and Eli Manning. Not sure how I managed to marry a man who looked like my high school NFL crush.

just another look at him.


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