Dreading My Hair

I never thought that I would see dreads as a viable option, but so you can understand what has driven me to such a change of heart I have detailed the events and train of thought that lead me here.

As you all know I moved to Lexington, KY about 3 ½ months ago. If you didn’t know that, now you do.  When I was preparing for that big leap I knew there would be a lot of changes to come, but I don’t think I realized how many things change.  I have lived away from my parent’s house before, but I could still use their house as my mailing address, go to the doctor’s office my mom worked, and still go to the same hair stylist I have been going to since I was a freshman in high school.

Not so anymore.  It would do me know good to have something sent to my parents’ house.  As I learned from getting cellulitis from a bee sting earlier this summer- I have to be able to go to the doctor here.  I have to have my prescriptions through someplace here.  I have had to change my mailing address time and time again…. My phone now auto completes it for me from how many times I have had to send it so someone.

All of those woes really aren’t a big deal. The thing that has me tripping the most is getting my haircut.  I have really long hair, and since it hasn’t been cut since April or May it has officially reached ridiculously long status.  My hair reaches down to the top of my pants.  Do you know what a pain it is wash all of that?  How long it takes to dry? I don’t style it because my arms cramp up when I am only half done.  And to top it all off I thought I would try cheap conditioner because I go through it so fast that the cost of the good stuff adds up.  Boy was that stupid!  My ends are now super dry, brittle, and always tangled.   #firstworldproblems.

Currently, I find myself in a predicament.  I need to get my hair cut, but I don’t know where to go, or who to trust.  I really don’t want to spend and arm and a leg because the cost of getting a hair cut at a nice salon is outrageous… But I have this major trust issue with places like Great Clips.  No valid reason or prior scaring experience, but it is still there, holding me back, nonetheless.

Between the large quantities and consequential high budget cost for conditioner, and then the steep cost of getting a haircut that I won’t want to hide under a hat or in a messy bun for 2 months till it grows out I have turned to what I used to see as the dark side.  On top of that, it’s a big leap of faith into the unknown to find a new hairstylist after 7 or 8 years of going to Vicki Winter, the woman who knows my life story.  So dreads it is.

Now you might be thinking, why dreads?  Why not just shave it all off and get a wig?  Well, I have never been one to be fake, and the fact that a wig wouldn’t be me… well I just can’t do that.  And still the $$$ a good wig is expensive from what I hear.  Also there is the maintenance…. I wouldn’t want to have to keep shaving my very odd shaped head.

There you have it- why I am getting dreads.  The way I see it, my ridiculously long hair is going to make for some ridiculously awesome dreads! Maybe this is a little dramatic, but I have had this long hair that can be quite the pain for 7 years.  So maybe my drama is called for.

Here is the before Picture:

Here is my hair before goodbye beautiful, wavy locks…



I could never really get dreads!  But while this hair trim may have been very anti-climactic I was still a little nervous going to a new place.


2 responses to “Dreading My Hair

  1. Let me say, that as a hair dresser, this made me laugh through and through 🙂 Goodness, happy birthday to you!! 🙂

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