The Birthday that Never Ends! #whathappenswhenyoumove

Friends, Family, Stalkers, and Chronic Internet Surfers-

you can stop holding your breath.  I am in fact alive and am sorry for not posting sooner.  Life just hit one of its notorious busy patches, BUT the upside– when you have to move away from half of your family, it makes your birthday last longer!

That’s right; this is the birthday that keeps on giving!  It started with Will celebrating birthday week (actually it started with me hydroplaning, but we will get there later).   Will has brought me a drink from Sonic  happy hour every Friday since I moved here 4 months ago, but during birthday week, I got one EVERY DAY!  Then to close out birthday week I had a party full of delicious chicken and dumplings, presents, ice cream, and lemon frosted cake with the half of the fam jam here in KY.

The next week I had a few cards arrive, extending the birthday-ness.  And then my parents came to visit!  They came to celebrate my birthday for a whole weekend =).  That made my birthday last 2 weeks! Having them around was really refreshing.  It was nice to have a fresh breath of Kansas in Kentucky, to have someone to go to JoAnn’s with, go to Starbucks with, someone to enjoy baseball with Will, and it’s always nice to have visitors. Will and I really enjoy visitors. *wink wink

Also, while they were here I made myself a second birthday cake (i know, pretty awesome!).  My favorite cake is strawberry, but the gluten free mixes are always vanilla, chocolate, or yellow…. So I had some strawberries in the freezer.   I thawed them some, puree’d them, and substitute them for the water that the Betty Crocker yellow cake mix called for.  It worked out really well!  I would recommend trying to find some sort of berry flavoring to add to enhance the flavor a little more.

Well this week I got another couple of cards and another present (3 weeks!), and I don’t cash in on Will’s PERFECT present till next month (Giants vs. Bengals game in Cinci).  So as you can see, this is one way that moving has worked out well for me!

The best part of my birthday was Will and I’s celebration.  We had really wanted to go down to Red River Gorge to hike, camp, and see the changing leaves.  HOWEVER that weekend Mother Nature decided to threaten us with wind and freezing temperatures, so we decided to forgo risking misery and colds. Instead we did something even better!  We turned out living room into a tent, roasted marshmallows over our stove, and had a Smallville-a-thon.

Will took me to this awesome antique mall in Florence, because it was a particularly crisp fall day outside, when hiking and camping didn’t work out.

When trying to jerry rig an indoor tent out of sheets that is tall enough for full grown adults, it pays to have a husband who is an engineer. Props to you hubster!

Roasting marshmallows over the gas stove works really well, almost too well…. they catch on fire faster than Superman can run to the next town over.

It was wonderful!  A memory I will not soon forget!

In other news, I gave my guardian angel a good workout a couple weeks ago by hydroplaning during rush hour.  But now Ellie (that’s my car) is all fixed up =)

I have decided to start training for another half marathon,  so I will have to keep up with that on here for any fitness lovers out there or “recovering jocks” as Will likes to refer to me.

Also, Will and I are starting to make and sale coffee tables.  So if you are within driving distance and are interested… 😉

With all of that being only the high lights of what happened over the last couple of weeks (prior to October 20th…we’ll get there later), you can see why it has taken so long for me to get around to posting.  BUT there will be several more to follow here in the next couple of weeks.  I promise to be better about this.


One response to “The Birthday that Never Ends! #whathappenswhenyoumove

  1. Awesome post! Glad your bday was SO fun and lasted forever- that’s neat!

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