The Margins that Matter

There are many things that I wonder about as I spend all day at the office.  The predominant theme is how is working 8-5 five  days a week a meaningful way to spend life.  At first having a big kid job was kind cool (until I saw just how many taxes get taken out of a pay check, lol).  It didn’t take long for the novelty of a full-time job with good benefits to wear off.   4 months in and I wrestle everyday with the fact that life works this way.

Don’t misinterpret me.  I understand why we need jobs in the world today, and I am so grateful for the blessing that this job is.  There is no question that my job was a blessing from God.  I even enjoy my job for the most part.  When I think about it I know that working for an engineering firm is a good job to have.  The work that I do as an assistant helps the guys there to help improve society, so that even makes my job somewhat meaningful.

My point is that I am a firm believer in making life matter.  So I like to spend my off time well.  I like to spend it getting to know my husband even better, making memories, laughing, in hanging out with fellow Christians, worshiping, traveling, and spending time with family- because family will be a constant in life, always there.

Now I need to pause for a moment and give props to my husband.  Will, has been a big factor in this area of my life.  I used to always have a to do list, they were often color coded, and my to do lists had to do lists.  He has taught me to slow down, invest, and reevaluate priorities.

Recently, I had an opportunity to spend time with Will’s side of the family and it was a meaningful and memorable weekend.  Weekends like that one, or like when my parents, or Paul and Melanie visited make work worth it.  Those are the things that I want to characterize my life.

October came and went so quickly, but I have so many memories to show for it.  My birthday and all that it entailed, my parent’s visit, the weekend with Will’s fam jam, fun times with friends, and even getting a puppy! Don’t worry there will be a post about her later =).

My main goal in life is to live it in a fashion that I hear my Savior say well done at the end of it.  If I do that then I know that my second goal will be met- to lead a life that matters and is filled with joy.  Life is simply too short for it to be anything else.  So I am going to bond with my family, invest in my friends, hold my puppy, run half marathons, go on dates with my husband, handle money wisely so I can give the most possible away, give food to the hungry, bask in the colors of fall, and laugh a lot!   That sounds like a lot to do, and it is.  But those weekends of margin spent hanging out with the family or the slow laughter filled evenings at home with Will watching Smallville, those are the key to savoring life not racing through it.   It is the margin time that we afford ourselves, the time to bask in what matters, that rounds out and balances our life.  How we utilize the time surrounding the work day- how we use our margin is what makes working 8-5 five days a week worth it.  It’s the time spent in the margin that we remember and cherish.  So here’s to spending it well!

Oh! and another thing I have learned: Pictures are key to making the most of your margin time.  Pictures help keep memories and joy alive.

For more on this topic check out the Southland sermon from this week: Priorities.  It was pretty timely for the blog post draft I had waiting to post.


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