Birthday Week Shenanigans

As I think I have mentioned before, here in the Pomeroy house, we believe in celebrating a person’s birthday week.   Someday when there is more than just the two of us to feed and entertain we will probably adapt this policy, but for now, we milk birthday week for all it’s worth.  But before we get into all of the birthday week festivities, for those of you with short attention spans I will put the best stuff first.

This week’s adventure of everyday life:

This is a story all about how we got a 5¢ discount on our drinks at Sonic. 

On Thursday, after we finished working out, I decided that in honor of birthday week I would empty out my piggy bank and take Will down the street to Sonic for root beer floats (mostly because I was really craving one).

So here we are grungy and in sweats, walking to Sonic with a pile of change- to which we added two pennies from the street on the way there.  Upon ordering our root beer floats, we discover that apparently root beer floats are the most expensive thing you can order because it was almost $8!!! We changed our order to smaller sizes and the total was $6.97; which thanks to the 2 pennies we found we thought we had perfectly.  So here we are sitting at the picnic tables at sonic looking like we don’t have access to a shower or laundry machine counting out a pile of change.

We were a nickel short!

When the car hop came out to give us our drinks, we fessed up that we were five cents short.  She was pretty full of us since we had changed our order at the last minute on her, so she sighed and told us not to worry, to take the drinks, and go.  So we did, we took the drinks leaving 3 dollar bills and a pile of nearly 4 dollars in change (mostly dimes and nickels) on the table.  We were cracking up laughing the whole walk home.  I mean what else does one do in that situation?!  Oh the adventures!

Well, birthday week has come and gone.  But that is probably a good thing for our grocery budget (and the carhops at Sonic)!  We made a bunch of Will’s favorite foods last week, a different dish every night.  Now we have a fridge full of leftovers and birthday cake to eat our way out of.  Just to make you drool, here is our menu from last week:

  • Monday- PF Changs Lettuce Wraps
  • Tuesday- Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (I could eat that stuff ALL day, and it’s made in the crock pot!)
  • Wednesday- Will’s Amazing Hamburgers and Homemade Cajun Fries
  • Thursday- Pulled Pork (we make delicious pulled pork!  Also from the crock pot)
  • Friday- We ate at Gram’s and she made steak!
  • Saturday- Chicken and Rice with Curry Gravy- Will’s mom specialty!
  • Sunday- London Broil, Baked Potatoes, and Asparagus

On top of all of that goodness, for Will’s birthday I also made an awesome/monstrous lemon cake!  I made it from scratch- except for the surprise funfetti layer in the middle.  I also made it gluten free so that I could enjoy it, and share the “burden” of eating it ;-).  Seriously though, this cake is huge because it has 3 layers.  At Will’s birthday dinner there were 7 people and we only managed to eat half of that cake.  Yeah, it’s a biggin’.  But it’s delectable; if you like lemon, then you would melt when you ate this cake.  I will post the recipe on here- but as a teaser it was lemon cake, with lemon curd filling, and lemon buttercream frosting.

So my cake decorating skills need some practice, but with as yummy as that cake was, I don't think that I will mind practicing!

So my cake decorating skills need some practice, but with as yummy as that cake was, I don’t think that I will mind practicing!

Will asked for a sundry of camping/hiking things for his birthday.  So he had a rather themed birthday this year, but thanks to the tent, backpack, new boots, books, and awesome knick knacks we are set!  I can’t wait to put them all to good use!  I wish I had a picture of the final stash or of the “Treasure Hike” I sent him on for his presents from me, but I don’t.  Rest assured though, God has truly blessed us, and filled our lives with people who love us =).

Two people God has blessed our lives with are our friends Sean and Katelyn who we went to the Reds’ game with this weekend to celebrate Will’s birthday.  It was a great game and a great day for a sunburn, I mean for a baseball game…. We all got a little rosy, but only on one side of our bodies. On the plus side, even the Reds knew it was Will’s birthday; we all made it in time for free fleece blankets!

Perfect day for a game!  Look at that beautiful field!

Perfect day for a game! Look at that beautiful field!

Here we are with Sean and Katelyn!

Here we are with Sean and Katelyn!


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