April Showers Bring… Balance

I know I have written about my disdain for the rainy-ness of Kentucky before.  But, today I don’t mind it.  I wish I had some kettle corn, a blanket, and a comfy corner to curl up in and read or watch movies.  The weather has been so nice for the last week, at least.  That was enough of a reprieve for me to be able to appreciate the rain again.

I think that life is like that.  Sometimes we get so caught up in everything.  We are up to our eyeballs in this, that, and the other thing; those things obstruct our view.  We need a reprieve, an “Ah ha” moment, a fresh breath to snap out of our little hectic bubble.

Do I sound like I am speaking from experience?  Because I am.

I get hung up, caught up, tied up in my one hectic bubble.  It’s like I am trapped in MY mind and can’t get out.  It can suffocate, drown, and isolate you without you ever realizing it.  Recently my little bubble has been filled with not so busy days at work which leave me feeling dissatisfied and bored, but on the flip side very busy days outside of work.  That combo leaves me feeling very imbalanced.  If you know me, you know my balance is already terrible enough that I really don’t need any help making it worse.  Life outside of work has been filled with trips, birthdays, meetings, dinners, friends, phone calls, tax drama, trying to squeeze in training for my half-marathon, and all the usual odds and ends of life.  No wonder I am always forgetting that the last load of laundry is in the dryer and leaving it there all week till Will asks me why he suddenly has no socks.

This sounds like I am complaining.  But to be honest, I love a busy life.  It keeps you on your toes!  Always something new to conquer.

The problem is when you never pause.  I am no good at pausing.  I think that is one reason God brought Will into my life.  He frequently catches me in his arms, like a butterfly in a net, when I am flitting here and there like a crazy person and just tells me to slow down.  He is better at balance, both figuratively and literally, than I am.  Many times those pauses are the moments when God’s voice has a second to break through and make me remember who I am and why I am on this earth. I am His daughter; here to give Him glory.

Recently, I was allowing myself to get very trapped in my own mind, my own view of the world, my own wants, the things that I thought were going wrong, the things I didn’t know how to figure out, the things I see wrong with myself…. I was in my own little hectic bubble.  But then it happened- my own personal April Shower.

We were in the car on our way up for a weekend of hard work on the farm (which I really enjoy!).  Things were all out of whack with our taxes and the deadline was swiftly approaching, our week had been so busy that we hadn’t caught our breath in days, and I was trying to be optimistic and joyful all on my own.

There I was in the midst of ME-ME-ME.  We were in the car, and Will was pointing out all of the colors of spring beginning to brighten and take over the rolling landscape around us.  At that moment I was looking out across a field so covered in clover that April showers had turned into a vibrant, rolling, purple sea (purple is my favorite color).  Suddenly I was in awe of the artistic ability of God.  The Christina Perry song 1000 Years was playing, and at that moment of awe I felt God saying to me that I had no reason to fear.  He has loved me for more than a thousand years and will love me for more than a thousand years.  He has died for me.  He is waiting for me to make time for Him and see how He loves me.  He can take care of me and work everything in my life for good.  He can take endless showers and use them to make a gorgeous scene out of my life- like He did the field I was staring at.

I will admit, this isn't a picture of the field I was looking at.  The one I was looking at was way bigger, and prettier.  But hey that's God for you =)

I will admit, this isn’t a picture of the field I was looking at. The one I was looking at was way bigger, and prettier. But hey that’s God for you =)

Life is full of stuff, but if we will take a moment to pause, find our balance, and let God rain down on us, He will be faithful to turn our lives into a the most beautiful, richly hued picture of His love, joy, grace, and glory.

We are His, and He loves to bring us flowers.


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