DIY Grapevine Wreath

I am a big fan of the outdoors; except for bugs.  Consequently, I am also a really big fan of bringing the outdoors in; again, except for bugs!  There are these SUPER CREEPY & UGLY Camel Crickets that keep trying to invade our house….barf!  But that is a story for a different day.  For proof that I like to bring the outdoors in, checkout these pictures of our wedding decorations.

My most recent venture in this has been the making of a wreath for our front door.  We needed a new one since Christmas AND Winter were officially gone.  We were out at the craft store and I kept seeing grapevine wreathes.  I think that they are awesome!  But I wanted to figure out what I would do to one before I bought one.

Good thing I waited, because the wreath that we ended up with was gratis!  That’s right people, FREE!

I get these harebrained ideas sometimes, and more often than not they end up in a big mess and something that hides in a drawer and then either repurposed or thrown away.  That is how this wreath began.

Here it is! Finished Product!  I promise to make a 2nd one and post pics on here of the process.

Here it is! Finished Product!
I promise to make a 2nd one and post pics on here of the process.

One Sunday afternoon I was out in the yard picking up all of the sticks that had fallen so Will could mow the lawn.   We had all of these flimsy twigs everywhere.  I kept thinking “Man, this would have been the jackpot for our pew decorations in the wedding last year!”  Well that got me going, and next thing you know I am suspiciously sitting in the drive way with a huge pile of twigs and a ball of twine.

Will walks by and quizzically asks “Uh, whatcha’ making there Sweetheart?”

My hesitant response: “I’ll tell you later…. if it works.”

Well it worked!  Ta Duh!

Here is how I made my very own grape vine wreath:

  1. Assemble your twigs.  I had to tie two bundles together in the middle with a small piece of twine to make it big enough for my purposes.  I imagine that you would want two separate bundles anyway since that makes them more flexible.**
  2. After that I took my ball of twine and wrapped it around the twigs to form them into a circle.  That sounds odd I know.  But by tightly wrapping the twine around the twigs every couple of inches it A)held them all together, and B) gave the leverage and solidity that I needed to bend them into a circle.
  3. Once that was done I had a bare grapevine-esk wreath that I could decorate however I wanted.  I used some ribbon to make a medium sized bow for it, a beautiful fake flower left over from the wedding, and some twine covered Styrofoam balls.  (have you noticed I have a thing for twine as well as the out doors?)
  4. Once I had everything situated the way I wanted I hot glued everything on.  The flower has wire in it and was able to slip through the twine wound around the wreath, but I did glue some of the blooms in places to insure that they would lay at the right angle.  

**It was suggested to me after I made this that if I do it again to soak my twigs in water first to make them more pliable.

Well there you have it!  Didn’t take me very long at all either!


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