June Dinner Menu

As we discussed last month, I am endeavoring to be a more thrifty grocery shopper and better meal planner.  Well I tell you what, we did work at the grocery store the other day!  We saved around $14 in just coupons.  Considering 60% of what was in our cart was produce- I think that was some quality coupon clipping for a couple of newbies.  And thanks to menu planning I didn’t have to buy a thousand different things.  I can use the same ingredients for all the meals that we are having for the next several days.

Another thing that we learned last month is that it is cheaper to send Will to work with a turkey sandwich a couple times a week and have the leftovers he would have eaten for lunch for dinner instead.

Now since tomorrow is the first day of June I figured I better post the menu for the month (nothing like procrastinating!)

June Menu

Hopefully this month works out better than last month.  I don’t have the marked up copy to show you, but that menu is all mangled.  We actually only made about half of what was on there because we kept having so many leftovers!  And we ate out a couple of times.

Part of the problem with last month’s menu was that our schedules changed some.  We got busier.  I didn’t know that when I was making the menu for the month, so a lot of times we didn’t have time to cook what was listed; or in all the hustle and bustle had forgotten to let something thaw.

I kept that in mind with this month’s menu.  I made it so that we would have something either already made, or ready to go in the crock pot on Sunday night that would feed us on Monday and Tuesday (because one or both of us will need to be out the door within an hour of getting home from work).  Wednesday is our date night, so those evenings have something tasty to cook together =).  Thursday Will has to be out the door with a quickness so it’s either Date Night leftovers or something quick/from the crock pot.  Responsibilities, busyness, and planning… all part of growing up.

Well there you have it!  June’s menu.  I hope that it helps you!  Leave me comments on anything you try.  =)


What do you do for busy night meals?  How do you trim your grocery bill?


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