June Challenge

A blog a Day for 30 Days.  Follow me for some tasty recipes and entertaining stories.


We keep the good times rolling in the Pomeroy life these days.  So to make sure that you don’t miss out on any sweet, savory bite, and I don’t miss out on processing all these adventures into memories I have decided to issue myself a blog challenge. 

I’ll be honest, this challenge is primarily self-serving.  I want to develop better blogging habits, I want to challenge myself (I love a good challenge!), I want the accountability that comes from declaring my goals and dreams to whole world (ok to the 4 people who read this blog), and I want grow the repertoire of recipes and such on the blog.

Here is the challenge: a post a day for 30 days.  I am calling it:

a post everyday in June

I actually really don’t like June bugs… I hate creepy crawlies in general, but June bugs and I don’t get along.  Especially not since I had one attacking me in my sleep one night.  Seriously, what did I ever do it?!

Ok back to the point…

Every day in the month of June I will post something. I hope this is an enjoyable experience for us all.  I will post pictures, reviews, menus, stories, recipes, DIY projects, God things, and personal goals.

Since I am a fan of organization I will probably have certain days of the week assigned to certain topics.  I can’t have every day of the week assigned; I am too feisty (and too busy) for that rigid of a routine.  Some set days that I am considering:

  • Munchie Mondays
  • Friday Happy Hour (not what it sounds like… unless you think it sounds like Sonic, because then you’re right)
  • The Saturday Sweat (Saturday is my big workout day)

I don’t know what your hopes, dreams, and aspirations are.  I don’t know what comprises your daily life.  But after the month of June is over, I think you will be much more acquainted with mine, and I am hoping that with some interaction I will be more acquainted with yours!. =)

I would really appreciate it if you would take part in my challenge.  Click the follow button on the right side of the page, or follow via email.  You don’t have to read every day, but knowing that you are reading at least some days will be an encouragement to me.

I’d also love some interaction! Try out recipes and leave me comments or reviews.  We can perfect them together!  Leave a snap shot of your own life, a blurb of your own stories.  I want to get to know you too! The biggest goal I have for my life is twofold: To live in the joy of worshipping the Lord and impact other people with it.   This blog is a tool for that, and I hope next month is one of great growth in that area.

Looking forward to what’s coming!



6 responses to “June Challenge

  1. Looking forward to the info coming.

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