Saturday Sweat

When I committed to writing a blog a day for the month one of the proverbial lightbulbs that switched on in my head was to have a weekly post called the Saturday Sweat. There are a couple of reasons for this.
A) I am a huge fan alliteration.
B) Saturdays are indeed a sweaty day for me. I generally do my longest workout on Saturdays and often times I do yard work or gardening up at the farm.
C) I know that it is important to have a plan when it comes to these things, so I thought that I would put my own plans out there.

Today I woke up and ate a huge piece of buttered toast. Will’s Mom always keeps some Gluten Free bread in the freezer for me =)

After I was fueled up and awake I went for my run, and it was the perfect morning for a longer run. It was just cool enough with a light breeze. So here’s what I did today:
-Ran 8 miles
-Ab workout (see below)
-Planted plants in the garden (I’m counting it because gardening is tiring stuff!)
-Shower and Stretch

Like I said, Saturdays are a sweaty day.

As for my plans for this coming week. Exercise is much harder to fit in on the weekends, but as I wrote about in my post Confessions of a Recovering Jock, I don’t know what to do with myself if I am not keeping in shape. It’s a value that over years of soccer has made its way into my core. I was never that good at soccer, so my biggest asset was my level of fitness and endurance.

Back to the point, it’s hard to fit in big workouts during the week. So the goals that I have for this week are:

Sunday: Run 3 Miles with Izzy Pup (she needs the exercise/energy outlet)
Strength Training (probably the killer leg workout that I found on Pinterest)
Monday: Run 3 miles with Izzy Pup between work and Bible Study (this hopefully happens)
Tuesday: This is my day of rest because we have Serve the City
Wed.: This day is hit and miss. Hopefully I get in some Turbo Jam for Cardio and some strength training
Thursday: A longer run and Abs.
Friday: Day off
Saturday: I’ll tell you next Saturday 😉 Looks like you’ll have to bookmark my blog or follow it to find out.

That’s an ambitious plan. All of that probably won’t happen. But I will probably be going running with my sister-in-law a couple of those mornings =). We have to so we can make vanilla protein frappuccinos (see our comments on yesterday’s post).

Now here is the Ab routine that I have been doing lately. It’s kind of exhausting at first, not going to lie. The first time that I did it I think it took me a solid 30 minutes to get through because I had to rest so much. Now it takes me about 12 minutes. Also I have adapted it. There are 3 times when it says to do sit ups, but I only do the first set. I substitute Russian Twists for the second set and flutter kicks for the third. I don’t think that is quite as effective, but it is more enjoyable for me, and to quote the Chalene Johnson from Turbo Jam (that’s like kickboxing meets dancing), “if exercise isn’t fun then you won’t do it.”


Also, follow his link for the leg workout from Fitness magazine that I am wanting to attempt to do this week. I already know that I can’t do pistol squats, but you should wish that you could have seen Will and I trying. It was quite hilarious, and a miracle neither of us hurt ourselves. I don’t know how they make it look so easy.

I hope that this helps you plan your own fitness goals for the week. If you need any other ideas for quick workouts checkout my board on pinterest: I Workout, and also I highly recommend for a fun, challenging, quick, cardio workout.


4 responses to “Saturday Sweat

  1. I know I’ve already told you this, but figured I would just mentions it on here for good measure 🙂 … very inspiring and motivating post and I can’t wait for our morning run dates either.. mainly so we can try that vanilla protein frappuccino lol

    • Don’t find me too inspiring, yesterday turned into a cleaning, cooking, and unhealthy eating day. lol So I am a little behind.
      The “plan” exists more so I have something to push me and make sure I exercise some.

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