Integrity or Hypocrisy

Today’s post is going to be a little different.   Not because I don’t have anything else to write about. It’s because I really want to hear from other people what your opinion is on something that is happening today.

Today the Southern Baptist denomination is voting on whether or not to sever its ties with the Boy Scouts of America and no longer allow troops to meet in their buildings.  Click here for an article on it.

Scouts Honor

The reason for this drastic action is because a couple of weeks ago the Boy Scouts voted to lift the ban on homosexual youth participants (Homosexual leaders are still not allowed). Here is an article on that.

My opinion on this is not fully formed, but I will expound on what is swirling around in my head.  Hopefully, it will help me process and form my opinion better.  First, I will say why I struggle with this action even being considered, but then I will state how I also see some good in why it is being considered.

I know that if the Southern Baptists do vote to end their association with the Boy Scout that the Body of Christ will continue to earn its stripes in our society as being a hateful group of people.  I am 100% concrete on the fact that being known for hate is not what Jesus died for.  We are to be known for love as He was; it’s actually supposed to be the tell-tale sign that we are Christians (see John 13:35).

I also know that as Christians we are supposed to extend grace as it was extended to us.  I know that Jesus “came to seek and save that which was lost” Luke 19:10  and to be a “doctor to the sick”  Mark 2:17.  Then he entrusted those ministries to us when He left.  With those verses in mind I am inclined to think that if the Southern Baptist denomination is going to say that homosexuality is a sin then they should welcome in professing homosexuals rather than shut their doors to them.

Furthermore, so many congregations spend big money on making themselves “attractional” on trying to draw people to themselves.  So does it not seem a bit counter intuitive to ban someone you are trying to attract?

Furthermore, I don’t think it is right to ban children.  There are plenty of young boys in the Boy Scouts who aren’t gay.  And for those boys you would be denying them an opportunity to adventure, learn, gain pride, gain skills, learn morals, and make friends. I don’t know if the ban is worth that cost.

So now to switch gears.

There is a fine line between protecting ones integrity and also guarding against things that oppose what you know to be right and moral and meanwhile not becoming so uptight that you become unloving and closed off.  I know that as Christians we are supposed to be holy as our Heavenly Father is holy, Matthew 5:48  and 1 Peter 1:16 .

I also know that we are not supposed to dilute the Gospel, that we are supposed to watch out for each other, and that we are supposed to be careful not to slowly back slide.  And I understand the fears and concerns that the Southern Baptists have.  The fear that if they allow Boy Scouts to continue meeting there then they will risk condoning homosexuality, and if they say it’s ok for youth, the progression leads to it is ok for everyone.  I get that.  I think it is awesome that they are willing to take a stand against things that they think are wrong.  It is more than I have the courage to do sometimes.

To sum up, I can see both sides, and I am not sure which one I fall on, but I would really like to hear your thoughts.  I hope I don’t start any heated arguments, because that wasn’t my intention.  I just want to know how other people with similar beliefs and convictions to mine work through issues like these.


4 responses to “Integrity or Hypocrisy

  1. Marcia Healey

    Devra- I believe that you hit the nail right on the head with this- I have several friends who are homosexual and I love them, even though I do not love their sin.
    To not love them in spite of their sin would mean I could no longer love any sinner, and believing that Christ forgives my sin, means he forgives theirs also.
    But also like you- I am concerned in allowing people to believe that homosexuality is not a sin- it is, just as surely as any of the other many sins we commit daily. And unfortunately- the gay community wants us not just to love them and accept them, but to condone their lifestyle.
    There is another problem and this exists in many places, schools, the military and anywhere that large groups of people shower, sleep or dress in a communal place. It would, to me, be the same for gay and straight people to be naked together as if you allowed boys and girls or men and women to shower or sleep together and not be attracted to that person? Even if the gay person is not attracted, the straight person may not be comfortable showering or dressing in front of them.
    I don’t know the answer to this either….I just keep praying God will show us the way.
    Thanks for the insight!

    • Thank you so much Marcia! My mom made a similar comment to me earlier saying that beyond the realm of morals if she had a son in scouts she wouldn’t feel comfortable with him going on a campout and having to share a tent or change around another young man who might find him attractive.

  2. Homosexuality is a tricky subject when Christianity is involved. How do you lovingly tell people that what they have made a part of their lives, of their character, is wrong? From a Christian worldview, homosexuality is a sin. But how do we deal with it in a public matter that accurately represents Christ without turning people away from Him and the Church?
    We can’t please everyone. Christians have to be honest and try their hardest to show grace. But for some reason society has placed homosexuality far above any other sin, say adultery, gluttony, masturbation, etc. We easily accept people who struggle with gluttony. We make excuses for those who commit adultery. We laugh and joke about maaturbation. But there is almost no tolerance for homosexuality. In my opinion, all of these cases are wrong.
    The church should stand for what they believe. We should not choose which parts of Gods Word to follow and then disgrgard the rest, the stuff ‘we’ struggle with. How would we treat an obese person that is not trying to overcome his/her struggle? We’d love him/her. We’d show grace, acceptance, love.
    Jesus did not condemn. He came to love the unlovely. For some reason homosexuals are the ‘unlovely’ in the conservative worldview. I think it is okay for the church to make this change AS LONG AS they do it with the right heart, mindset, and focus–which should be Jesus Christ. I think it’s also okay for them to allow homosexuals to join the Boy Scouts. They are people. They need love and guidance just like heterosexuals. However, the Church would need to make a statement of faith saying that the body od Christ does not agree with the practice of homosexuality, but, since, they accept people who struggle with other sins, they will accept those that struggle with homosexuality.
    It’s all about balance.

    • well said!
      It is about realizing that homosexuality is not “THE” sin, it’s a sin. More importantly, we all sin. So we really need to examine our hearts, get the logs out of our eyes, and be really careful with our words and attitudes when we do make decisions on matters like this so that Christ’s love is portrayed instead of close-mindedness or hate.
      And thanks Kayla! you always have a good perspective on things. =)

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