Time Saving Recipes

I know that so many of us tend to fill our schedules, leaving us little time to fill our plates.  Will and I are the same way.  Several nights a week we have something that starts at 6:30 or 7.  We don’t get home till 5:30 and you have to allow at least 15 minutes to get to your evenings event; do the math and we are left with about 45 minutes to make and eat dinner, feed Izzy and let her out, and hopefully there isn’t anything else that needs to be done.

I know that for many people the answer to this constant on the go is fast food.  I refuse to let that be our lot in life.  A) Eating out kills a budget with a quickness. B) Eating out isn’t healthy. C) I think that dinner is a time to fellowship and enjoy family, and the sanctity of that meal is deteriorating rapidly in our society today.


If that describes you or your family, I want to share some of our time saving meal go-to’s.  We don’t have many yet, but we are slowly beefing up our recipe box.  Part of why we have really gotten in to menu planning (here are April & May, and June) is that it really helps get through the busy times in a healthy and sane manner, and it also insures that we are expanding our repertoire.

  1. BBQ Pulled Pork –> follow the directions in step one of this taquito recipe.  Season the shredded pork with garlic powder and pepper.  Serve with bread (I suggested toast) and barbeque sauce, and any other side you like.  This meal takes hardly any time at all because the fridge does the marinating and the crock pot does the cooking.  You just have to be thinking ahead a bit because it needs to marinade for at least a day.  It makes a lot, so it could easily feed a whole family or feed you several dinners & lunches, turn some into taquitos, or just freeze and reheat in a pinch.

    top with bbq sauce and slap it on some bread.  makes a tone so it's great for a busy week- cook once and eat 3 time!

    top with bbq sauce and slap it on some bread. It makes a ton so it’s great for a busy week- cook once and eat 3 time!

  2. Oven baked Chicken –> I don’t have a blog about this one yet, but our go too is usually something similar to this lemon-pepper chicken.   You can have a couple meals of the chicken, then shred some of it for some quesadillas or salads.  Will and I can stretch a $5 chicken into 8 meals with ease =).  Honestly, they aren’t hard to make either.  Spend 15 minute seasoning it, then bake it while you’re doing something else.  They keep in the fridge for a whole week with no problem.
  3. Fried Rice –> cook some rice (this can be done ahead of time) stir fry some onion and literally whatever other veggie you have on hand, scramble an egg, dump in the rice, add garlic powder, pepper, crushed red pepper, and soy sauce.  That’s all it takes.  I make this meal in about 10-15 minutes time.  It’s quick, you can easily make a ton! And the leftovers are just as good as the original! Add some shredded chicken or shrimp or leftover chopped up beef or pork if you want some more meat.
  4. Tacos followed by nachos –> Tacos are a quick and easy meal on a night when you have some time but not much.  Then on another night when you are really crunched you put your taco meat, veggies, and cheese on tortilla chips and warm yourself up some nachos.  TIP: we make sautéed onions and peppers with some chili powder on them to go on our tacos.
  5. Cilantro-Lime chicken tacos –> the chicken cooks all day in the crock pot, and if you chopped up some veggies the night before then they’ll be sautéed in the 5 minutes time it takes to shred the chicken!  Eat the leftovers as quesadillas, which are just as quick. Here’s the recipe.cilantro-lime chicken tacos

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