Saturday Sweat: Know Yourself!

As you will remember from last Saturday’s post, Saturday is my hard core exercise day, aka The Saturday Sweat. I usually end up exercising for 1 ½ – 2 hours on Saturdays, but to be honest, this doesn’t seem like too big of a deal to me because for the last 8 years I had 2 hour soccer practices multiple times per week.  I really am having a hard time recovering from being a jock.

Today is a bit of a different Saturday.  Schedules were such this week that I didn’t go to the farm with Will last night, so I am in Lexington with our house all to myself. On top of that I have been up till 3 am for the past two nights.  This week’s big workout day is going to have to be tomorrow.  I know my body, and I know that today isn’t the day to push it.

That is something that I would like to talk about.  The importance of knowing your own body.  Everyone is put together differently. I have toothpicks for arms, so 15 pushups makes me want to collapse, but doing a wall sit with Will on my legs- sure, no prob Bob!

But that is me, not you.  Maybe you can do pushups and pull ups till the cows come home, but squats are the bane of your existence.  If that is the case, then you and I need to have very different workout routines.

Form is super important when performing exercises, but you also need to take into consideration your own body type and the way that you are put together.  What that looks like for me, I have a little bit of curves and hips, I have a butt, my center of gravity is much lower so when I am working out I have a pretty wide athletic stance otherwise I am not very stable.  I remember in college, my roommates and I would do Turbo Jam together (it’s a miracle none of us knocked the other person out with an accidental roundhouse to the back of the head….). I know for a fact that all three of us looked completely different in the way that we performed the exercises, and it was because we were put together different.  We knew our own bodies.

So when it comes to your fitness regime, know yourself.  Know your body.  Know what you need to eat.  No when to tell yourself that taking it easy even though that wasn’t your plan will be better for you than the hardcore workout you had planned.  Know yourself and do the exercise you need to do.  Don’t look at other people and hold yourself to them.  The most rewarding competitions I have ever had are the ones when I compete with myself.  When I ran faster than I thought that I could, not faster than that girl next to me, but faster than I knew I could.

The best motivation that you will ever find to be fit is being pleased with yourself, and not endless competition with the model on the machine one over from you, or the person who can bench press 50lbs more than you.

As for my plans for this coming week, I am going to try to push it pretty hard because we will be out of town in Arizona visiting Will’s grandpa for the weekend.

Sunday:    Run8 Miles


Monday:  Run 3 miles with Izzy Pup between work and Bible Study (this hopefully happens)

Tuesday: Because we have Serve the City I will have to exercise in the morning.

Wed.:       Jog and abs in the morning since it is “Manly Date Night” with Hubster (he doesn’t know what we are doing yet! It’s my little surprise! But if he looks at the menu he will at least know what’s for dinner. Hint.)

Thursday: A longer run



Friday:     Head to AZ

Saturday: Check in for an update on our trip to visit Will’s Grandpa!

The Ab routine that I  posted in last Saturday’s post has really been working well.  My stomach is really feeling flat and tight, which is awesome!

Also, this leg workout from Fitness, is killer!  My legs were so sore the next day!  And I didn’t even do the full amount of reps! Yep, that means this week I am going to try to do it with all the reps!

I hope that this helps you plan your own fitness goals for the week. If you need any other ideas for quick workouts checkout my board on pinterest: I Workout.


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