Happy Hour Friday: Manly Date Night Recap

So this week Happy Hour came a day early when Will surprised me with buy one get one smoothies from McDonalds =) That was an awesome surprise! And Thursday was basically Friday to us this week because we only worked half days today.

But there were still lots of happy things this week- like Manly date night.

I like inviting Will on “Manly Dates” every now and then. It’s my way of pursuing him and try to make sure that he is getting to do things he enjoys. The first time he picked out a manly movie (Rocky, because neither of us had seen it) and we ate cheeseburgers and texas cheese fries, wore sweats, and watched Rocky. I’d say that’s manly.

This time I left him a trail of notes on various baseball items in our house like his high school jersey and our souvenir mini bats from when we went to Louisville Slugger on our little half marathon/minivacation adventure. All these items lead him to a page on the computer for http://www.adventurefalls.com/index.php/adventure-falls-home. That is a place in Richmond, KY. It is beautiful and it’s cheap! So we went there and played putt putt and each got a few rounds in at the batting cages. Then we came home and had a steak dinner with steaks I got on major sale =)


Perfect date night for my baseball loving hubster!



If you see there, he is a switch hitter. I was pretty impressed, not going to lie. And I loved seeing him so happy!

This is the best i look with a bat in my hands…. the rest of the time I am striking out and hitting things, or dropping the bat. Putting a bat or a racket in my hands exponentially increases my klutziness.


all these pictures are of Will because we did two things that he is really good at, and I am hideously horrible at.
I learned something new about Will! I love learning new things about him, sometimes they really change my entire perspective- like the first time I found out he likes syrup! Anyway, back from the rabbit hole, he takes putt putt super seriously. I don’t because I am terrible at it.


Here it is, the perfectly cooked steak, and this new spinach dish that Will is making and is amazing! I gobble it up! AND he makes it with spinach from our garden =)

Manly Date Night is something that I would suggest to all women. Will seems to enjoy them almost as much as he does when I make him chocolate chip cookies and leave extra dough for him. lol.
But seriously, it takes the burden off him as far as planning and decision making goes. And I’ll be honest, anytime I act decisively it’s a breath of fresh air for him. And it’s something that I am doing just for him to enjoy and kick back, something different.
So if you’re looking for a way to do something nice, intentionally invite your man out for some fun masculine-ish time.


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