An Arizona Adventure

Well I have some stories to tell from the weekend.  If you read the blog or saw any of my Facebook statuses while casually stalking your friends then you know that Will and I (along with Matthew and Blair) went to visit Will’s Grandpa in Arizona.  What a great trip!  The highlights that I want to always remember so I am going to tell you about:

  • Will’s Grandpa’s Smile
  • Bob
  • Will getting to go to a Red’s game in Phoenix
  • God Coming through for us

We have the privilege and blessing to be able to fly standby.  Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise because things rarely go as planned, but it is definitely a blessing, and this weekend God really came through for us.  We might not have always made the flights that we wanted to, BUT we didn’t get stuck anywhere ! On Saturday morning Will and I almost opted not to even to get to AZ because the flights looked so full.  But after a short prayer we felt that the Lord was saying go. (You might not think that God cares if you make a flight or not, but I think that like a spouse, He loves being consulted anyway.  And I do think He cares about seeing family.) (Blair wrote a post on that)

So we were off!  We flew over the Rockies and the Grand Canyon on our way!  It was such a scenic plane ride.

aerial view of the Grand Canyon.

aerial view of the Grand Canyon.

When we got into Phoenix we rented a car!  We were given a 2014 Ford Escape to drive around; not going to lie, we felt legit.  And out of the four of us, Will’s the only one old enough to rent a car.  How crazy is that, I can qualify for a 401K to start saving for retirement, but I can’t rent a car.



On our way there we stumbled upon the fact that In-N-Out Burger is in Arizona!  Which made my day! I was so excited about it that Will took me there twice!  Because he is awesome like that.  AND I got to introduce him, Matthew, and Blair to it.

In- N-Out

In- N-Out

Will’s grandpa lives in an assisted living retirement home.  He has a little condo there, and there is a dining room where everyone socializes and eats together.  It’s a really nice place.  We met some of the best people there. The people we sat with at dinner on Saturday and Sunday were funny, knowledgeable, wise, and great at conversation.  They may have been 80-90 years old, but those are some of the best dinners I have had.  I wish that I had gotten a picture with Bob.  He was one of Grandpa’s friends who sat and chatted with us.  He would give the 4 of us newlyweds marriage advice.  In case you want to know the sage words of wisdom from a man who was married for 67 years (I think) here they are: tolerance, patience, give and take, never go to bed angry, and the honeymoon lasts as long as you make it last.  Bob also has been in the city in China where Will and I met! Bob told Grandma Phyllis that the men in the Pomeroy family sure do know how to pick women.  So evidently he thought very highly of Blair and me.  Gaining the approval of someone with the life experience that Bob has, that means a lot.

had to get a picture with a cactus!  We also saw dust devils and tumble weeds.

had to get a picture with a cactus! We also saw dust devils and tumble weeds.

This trip was probably very different for me versus for Will, Matthew, and even Blair, because until this last weekend my interactions with Will’s Grandpa had been limited to meeting him at Matthew and Blair’s wedding and kissing him and mine and Will’s (that story will come later). I am glad that I had this short weekend to get to know him, to hear some of his stories, and to see him beam with pride in his grandsons.

It amazes me how much of the world Will’s grandpa has had the privilege of seeing; I hope too see at least 1/2 as much as he has seen someday.  I hope to leave a legacy of love and care for my family the way that he has cared and loved for his.  The impact he has had on his family is evident in every member’s life.

Will and his Grandpa.  He's so proud of his grandson =)

Will and his Grandpa. He’s so proud of his grandson =)

Last thing about Will’s Grandpa has absolutely the best smile.  I found this out at our wedding last summer.  At the rehearsal Will’s grandpa told me to bend down so he could give me a kiss.  So on the wedding day I came up to him after the family picture and said “so today is it my turn to give you a kiss?”  He eagerly replied “Well sure!”

Here he is on our wedding day.

Here he is on our wedding day.

See that great smile!

See that great smile!

Lastly, A couple of months ago when Will and I started planning a trip to see Grandpa some weekend in June I told him I wanted to go out this past weekend because the Reds happened to be playing the Diamondbacks in Phoenix.  Will wants to try to go to as many of the MLB Stadiums as he can, and he is a die-hard Cincinnati Reds fan.  In fact, when we first started dating, he marked me as his territory by giving me a Reds hat. Lol.

It was Star Wars day at the game

It was Star Wars day at the game

At Chase Field =)

At Chase Field =)

For me this trip was a total success.  I got to sit next to my husband as he watched his team win in an opposing teams stadium and work toward a goal he has.  I got to spend time with family.  We have another state to scratch off the map of places we’ve been together, I got to see God come through for us time and time again, and I got to see Will’s grandpa smile a few more times =)

Arizona 10


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