July Menu

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July is quickly approaching.  And since Will and I’s routine is completely off its rocker this week due to our weekend trip to Arizona, July will be here sooner than we are ready for.  That means I needed to get the menu made up for it.  I made this menu pretty dang quickly, so it might be subject to change, also as our garden starts bearing fruits this menu may change to account for that.

This month’s menu has actually worked out really well!  The grocery trips have stayed with-in budget, the food has been delicious, and it’s worked out with our busy evenings!  I really cannot stress enough how much menu planning saves stress, time, and money.  It is something I am so glad that I am working on now so that in the future when we have our busyness and our kiddo’s busyness I’ll have menu planning down, not to mention a stock pile of them to go back to!

July Menu

Also, all the extra things like birthdays and such that are on the menu calendar exist so that we know what is going on since I print the menu off and hang it on the fridge.

You will Also notice that breakfast and lunch aren’t on there.  Breakfast is sometimes on Sundays because we always have a fancy breakfast before church, but for the most part we have a pretty set routine that involves omelets, smoothies, or cereal in the morning for me and homemade toaster strudels or granola cereal for Will.  And yes, I said HOMEMADE toaster strudel. Don’t fret, that will be up here once I fix the leaking problem.  Will’s granola is homemade too.

For Will lunch is leftovers if there’s not enough for us to make dinner out of them a second time or he get’s a sandwich or fried rice.  For me, who knows.  Sometimes a wrap, a salad, yogurt and a homemade granola bar.  It really just depends on what’s around.  I’ll eat anything…. a lot of anything. I eat about 5 times per day. For example here is the spinach/cheese/fried egg/onion/salsa wrap that I had for lunch today:


Here are the other menus

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