June Recap: A++

Man oh Man!  The 4th of July is two days?!  What on earth happened to June? I feel like it blew by faster than Superman!  It was a wild month; that much is for sure.  But thanks to my own personal challenge to blog every day, I can look back and treasure all the memories and salivate at all the delicious food!

a post everyday in June

a post everyday in June

Thank you to all of you who tuned in to see what I had to say.  Special thanks to those of you who left me comments, followed the blog, or texted me about something I posted; those things are very encouraging.

(Disclaimer, since this is a recap post there will be a lot of links back to posts about the things I am referring to)

I have learned a lot over the last month. I have relearned how much I enjoy writing on the blog,  I have begun learning how to  be a better blogger, I have learned a lot about a lot of the people in my life, I have learned about the crazy stadiums that the professional sports teams in AZ use, I have learned about 401K’s, I have started learning how to cut hair, I have learned how to make some new foods, I am learning  how green Will’s thumb is, the other day I learned how to use the electric roto-tiller, and I learned that I don’t need to do an arm workout for a couple of days after using it lol.

I have learned of the awesomeness of goodwill!

I have learned of the awesomeness of goodwill! No wonder there is an annoyingly catchy song about it, which has become Will and I’s jam.


This last month I have taken more notice of how many amazing little moments there are in life.  I have seen God come through for my friends, my family, and myself.  I have become a human tie dye project.  I have been dazzled by thunderstorms and tasted the goodness of wild blackberries.

yes, I am wearing Will's raggedy old work jeans.  don't judge me.  I think I pull of redneck well.

yes, I am wearing Will’s raggedy old work jeans. don’t judge me. I think I pull of redneck well.

look at all the berries the two of us picked!

look at all the berries the two of us picked!


June may have been a fast month, but it was a rich month.  Personally, I hope that July is even richer.  I hope to see the Lord do even more amazing things.  I want to have a fantastic, laughter-filled time with my fam jam when they come visit in a few weeks.  I am determined master homemade Toaster Strudels. I am torn about my desire to wake up early in the morning and savor every day from beginning to end, lol.  I can’t wait to start hearing stories from Kayla in EthiopiaAnd I REALLY, REALLY want this month to go slow, I want it to bubble up with happiness till on July 28th it bursts  at the seams and explodes with a day even happier than our wedding day was a year ago =).wedding day

That brings me to another point about June; I am getting better at “wifedom” (huh, apparently that’s a word according to spell checker, and here I thought it was just part of Devranese).  I took Will out to the batting cages, and got to go to the game in Arizona with him.  I have had the privilege of getting to know his family more.  I tried making some of his favorite foods- like stew, but his mom definitely makes it better than I do!  I had Izzy make him a card for Father’s Day.  AND when the Reds were sucking it up I came in at just the right moment and made him smile with my sheet-folding capabilities!  I may not be good at making stew, but my ability to make the bed and fold the fitted sheet is getting up there.

Man so much went on in June.  No wonder I was exhausted last week! 

What about you, friends?  I really want to know what’s going on in your life too! So please, message me, text me, or leave a comment on here! My desire for the blog is to share my life with you and encourage you to share yours with me! 


4 responses to “June Recap: A++

  1. Phyllis Willis

    I wish to thank you and William for coming to AZ. to see his grandpa it meant a whole
    lot to him

  2. I can feel the joy coming from your writing. Love it!

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