Life in Half Bloom.

Life is full.  Full of people. Full of opportunities.  Full of memories being made. Full of endings and beginnings.  Right now Will and I’s lives are full of things teetering on a precipice of some kind.  Not going to lie, until yesterday that was a really stressful place to be.   But then I came home to this blossoming beauty.  Being the visual person that I am, this blossoming bud was the image I needed to put life in perspective.

Blooms of Life

Those sunflowers are my little piece of Kansas in our backyard.  I planted them back in May I think, and they are just now beginning to bloom.  It’s been a long time watching them be eaten by bugs, be bitten by frost, and grow, and grow….. and grow….    They really are amazing flowers, always craning their stems higher like a little kid trying to be as TALL as possible when they are getting measured.  This one that is blooming is taller than our shed, and they’ve all had these intricate looking buds on them for at least a solid week now. That’s the thing, they are taking forever to develop their huge, bright blooms, and I am not a patient person.

Life has been similar to the growth of those sunflowers.  There is an edge coming, we can see it.  We’ve been doing Serve the City for a while now, we’ve been trying to develop friendships and community for a while now, we’ve been praying for things for a while now…. We’ve been waiting on those sunflowers for a while now.

I would liken it to riding a roller coaster.  When you’re climbing the hill, you can see the edge, you know that once you finally chug far enough what comes after that big precipice is going to be awesome! You can see it, imagine it, you’re so close your heart is in your stomach, and your guts are in knots in your throat.  Believe it or not, that’s a thrilling place to be.  I know it sounds terrible, that’s because it is.  It’s terrible and wonderful at the same time.

Just like the sunflowers take time to grow as they wait for their intricate buds to form and be nourished by the sun before bursting forth into something mesmerizing.

that is what the bud looks like, full of promise.  Something that is so intricate and long-time coming you just know it's going to be great!

that is what the bud looks like, full of promise. Something that is so intricate and long-time coming you just know it’s going to be great!

Well yesterday, some of the drops we’ve been watching form with expectation finally grew enough to fall.  We went to Serve the City where God showed up and showed off a little.  Even if you don’t believe in God, it’s still thrilling to hear about little babies who have been in the NICU and now their health is improving!  It’s inspiring to talk with families who are coming together and working together to get to a better situation in life.  It’s encouraging to have conversations with people who see hope in you, hope for them to break free of the chains on their lives.

Life is like this sunflower.  There are still several things teetering there, waiting for one last push to send them into motion.  But after lots of stretching, craning, growing, and seeking the Son there are finally a few petals bursting forth in brilliant color.  There is beauty in the process, and the process makes the outcome that much more resplendent.

Finally I see- Enjoy the process.  The blooms will come.

Rally cap time!

Rally cap time!

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