September Menu

I think this is Will’s favorite post of the month.  He gets really excited to see the new menu for the month.  Can’t blame him, I try to keep some tasty stuff on here!

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I don’t think that I ever posted August’s menu, but that is ok because we really did not stick to it at all. This failure was partially because we had to be flexible with the produce coming in from the garden, partially because we were swamped, and partially because I did a really bad job of getting prepared week to week.

So this month, to try to get back on track and be ready even when I don’t have time to be, I prepared the menu a little more in depth.  I not only made the menu, but I:
-planned out what Will will have for breakfast and lunch,
-printed off all of the dinner recipes,
-and made the Grocery list of what we will need for the recipes each week.
Yeah, it was a lot of work, but hopefully taking the time when I had it will help me be ready when I don’t have it.

Here are a couple of things that we have changed:

  1. I am really trying to eliminate as much processed food from our diet as I can.  For example, you will see Will’s lunch item for the week listed on the left side.  This is because rather than buy the super processed lunch meat from the store we have taken to buying a whole chicken or on sale pork roast, cooking it in the crock-pot someday, shredding it up, and using that for his sandwiches, it’s no more expensive, tastier, and fresher. Another thing I do is make him homemade toaster strudels.
  2. We have also cut way back on the amount of meat that we eat.  Watch Forks over Knives; you’ll understand.  Because of that you will notice that while there is still meat in most of our dinners, it is not the main course.  This switch has been a lot harder on Will than on me, and I figured out why.  I am already used to not being able to eat things that I like because of my gluten intolerant body, so cutting out something else just isn’t that big of a deal.
  3. This month begins football season again!  So Sundays are going to start having all kinds of delicious football foods again =)

So here it is.  The menu for September:

September Menu

Click here for the printable Menu: September Menu

Here are the weekly grocery lists for all the ingredients for what’s on the menu.

Click here for the printable version: September Grocery Lists.

September Grocery Lists

The items in red are things that I know we will have to get that week.  Many of the ingredients are spices and such that we keep on hand and shouldn’t have to buy, and you will probably find that is the case for you as well.  And if you are wondering what I eat for lunch, we will always be adding fruit and yogurt to those lists because that is what I live on at work.

Below are all the links for the recipes that we are trying (some of them we have tried before which are mareked with a *).  I have them all ready to print; and you can find it by following this link: September Menu Recipes

Hopefully all of this is helpful for you, and can save you some time.  I think that it is going to alleviate a lot fo the pressure week to week on Will and I as we try to keep up with feeding ourselves and doing so healthfully.

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5 responses to “September Menu

  1. Wow this is amazing Devra!! You are so well organized, I think we may need to get together and talk about some tips that you have, so that I can incorporate this into my monthly planning.

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