Changing the World One Caramel Apple at a Time

Today for happy hour, I want to recap the highlight of my perfect fall weekend.  Last Sunday afternoon was an absolutely beautiful early fall day!  It was perfect for the little Sunday afternoon date that I had been looking forward to for several weeks – Apple Fest at Evan’s Orchard!

I had been to the orchard about a month ago with my friend Kim from a book, coffee, and the park.  We went for the peaches, and heard about the apple fest that was going to be happening in September.  Unfortunately she couldn’t go to the Apple Fest so I was instructed to take lots of pictures and blog about it so that she could live vicariously through us.

We enjoyed that afternoon so much that I would have blogged about it regardless. =) From the start of the drive through all the beautiful horse farms on the way to the orchard to the finish of getting home and tasting what we picked it was a great trip!

Apple Fest Date --) - 15

We were walking around looking at all the produce, homemade turnovers and fudge, food, and then there they were… the caramel apples!  Instant mouth watering.  Our stomachs were growling since we came from church and hadn’t eaten since this awesome breakfast:

Apple Fest Date --) - 8

sweet potato breakfast skillet and cinnamon toast

Anyway, Will asked what I wanted to eat, and when I said I really just wanted a caramel apple, his response was “I knew as soon as I saw them that you were going to want one.”  Me, “How’d you know that?”  Will “You talk about them all the time.”  Well folks, I learned something new about myself… apparently I have a hidden passion for caramel apples.  And I am perfectly ok with that!

The BEST caramel apple I have ever had!

The BEST caramel apple I have ever had!

Something just as awesome as our fresh, delicious, caramel apples  was the people watching.  There were so many families there!  It was different from watching hurried families at the store, families at the mall separating to their individual favorite stores, or families at the movies not able to talk with each other.  At the apple fest they were all walking around, playing, picking fresh fruit together, and eating caramel apples.  They were all having a good time.  There was even a sense of community as there were whole groups of people there interacting.  Seeing that was as refreshing as the crisp fall air.  It seemed like out there at that orchard life was exactly the way it’s supposed to be.  Who knew that eating a caramel apple could make you feel like you are a part of something.

That's the look of some one who knows they are a part of something because of what they are eating =)

That’s the look of some one who knows they are a part of something because of what they are eating =)

We proceeded to go apple picking.  These really are the best apples!  So juicy.  They have the perfect balance of tart to sweet.

Apple Fest Date --) - 7

Those were so much better tasting than what you buy at the supermarket, and I enjoy the experience of buying them a lot more too.  I don’t mind spending a little more money when I know the food is healthier, better quality, and my money is going to friendly, local people who you’ll meet when you go there. (sorry for the tangent.  it’s something Will and I are getting more and more into)

Apple Fest Date --) - 22

so much more satisfation when you pick them yourself

so much more satisfation when you pick them yourself

I wanted to rescue the ones on the ground lol

I wanted to rescue the ones on the ground lol

Apple Fest Date --) - 11 Apple Fest Date --) - 17

and we had a fall photo shoot =)  reminds me of the “a little about me” pic on the right side of the blog.

Apple Fest Date --) - 9

Also they had venders with booths set up selling their handmade goods.  I even signed up to get emails about maybe taking a class on how to redo furniture to give it an awesome vintage look!  I am looking forward to getting more information on that.   Oh and Farm Boy taught me how bees communicate:

I married Will, so I don't need the discovery channel

I married Will, so I don’t need the discovery channel

We ended the afternoon with taste testing some local homemade pork rinds, and with me treating hubster to some local homemade kettle corn because I like to spoil him and he deserves it =)

our loot

our loot

The moral of this date story is that going places like Evan’s Orchard or the farmers’ market is worth it.  It’s not nearly as stressful as the grocery store, you smile more and are smiled at more, you learn more about produce, you know what you’re getting, who your money is benefiting, and you feel like you are a part of something.  

Apple Fest Date --) - 23

And with that I can justify going and getting as many caramel apples as I want, right? right. Maybe for happy hour today…

Enjoy your weekend friends! I hope it’s a great one!  Ours is kicking off with a double date at church, of all places, this evening =) 


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