October Dinner Menu

Finished the menu just in time for you to do your grocery shopping, and me to do mine.  I think I actually got paid to buy cupcake wrappers at Kroger today =) 

Anyway, if you are busy like me, please use this as a resource for you and your family!  This is for my husband and I’s dinners and his lunches for the month.  So you might need to tweek it some, but it’s a healthy, home-cooked, fall flavored menu!

October Menu 2

I mentioned last month that we were trying to get back on track with the menu planning.  Well September has gone swimmingly!  We stuck to it pretty well, didn’t go over budget, and dinner time was a lot less stressful.

I did the same thing as last month:
-planned out what Will will have for lunch,
-printed off all of the dinner recipes,
-and made the Grocery list of what we will need for the recipes each week.

The first couple of weeks are really intense on the grocery list side, but that is because of my birthday and parents coming to town.  So feel free to adjust that for yourself!

Also between fall and football there are quite a few crock pot friendly recipes as well as soups and stews in this month’s menu.  

And I intend on buying a couple of pumpkins for pureeing, and once that happens, watch out!  There will be pumpkin everything being baked in my kitchen! So stay tuned for some promising Munchie Monday posts to come =)

So here it is.  The menu for October:

October Menu_Page_1

Click here for the printable Menu: October Menu

Here are the weekly grocery lists for all the ingredients for what’s on the menu.

Click here for the printable version: October Grocery Lists and Recipes.

Below are all the links for some the recipes that we are trying.  I have them all ready to print if you follow the link above.

Hopefully all of this is helpful for you, and can save you some time. I know not everyone has the time to make a menu, so please feel free to cheat and use mine or use it as a starting off point!


4 responses to “October Dinner Menu

  1. This has inspired me to start meal planning!! I really appreciate you posting these 🙂 Knowing I have a plan of food to make really helps me not eat out.

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