Saturday Sweat – Preparing for the Race

Today is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow morning is going to come early. The Iron Horse Half Marathon is here. I have been training for it since the beginning of August.

It has been my motivation to get my mileage back up, a stepping stone toward running in the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon next year. After I ran in the half in the spring Will challenged me to run a full marathon. I can’t just ignore a challenge like that. So tomorrow is a milestone in my meeting the challenge.

There are only 1500 people running in tomorrow’s race, only a tenth of the amount that I ran with last time. I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I like having other runners around for me to chase… I mean it is a race after all.


Tomorrow morning I will wake up, eat a granola bar, and drink some water. On the way to the race I will drink a red bull. I know that most people are probably cringing at that, but it’s been my tradition for before a big sporting event since…. I don’t even know, 9th grade or earlier. It never failed me through all those soccer games, and now race day would just feel incomplete without it.

As for my pre-race meal today, being gluten free makes getting enough carbs challenging sometimes. Traditionally people would have big pasta dinner, but not me. I am having birthday dinner number two with Will’s side of the family. My request: Chicken & Dumplings! My mother in law makes some amazing chicken and dumplings, and she makes it gluten-free for me =). Protein, carbs, and other good nutrients all in one hearty, steaming, bowl that is like autumn in your mouth.

I am not sure what to expect time wise tomorrow. I have been too busy to get very many quality runs in the last couple of weeks. The first half I ran a year and half ago I ran in 1:45, in April this year I ran it in 1:42. I would love to be able to keep getting faster. My training pace has been quicker this time around, so we will see what tomorrow morning holds.



2 responses to “Saturday Sweat – Preparing for the Race

  1. You go, girl!!!! Have a great race!!

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