Saturday Sweat – Iron Horse Half Marathon Celebration, Rest, and Recovery

Last Saturday I told you that I was taking it easy, saving up my energy for the race. I spent my day hanging out on top of some hay bails reading and chilling with my favorite furry friend.



That night Will’s mom made me some of her amazingly delicious chicken and dumplings. I think that is my new go to pre-race fuel up meal. She feels it full of gluten-free dumplings for me (made with GF Bisquick). That meal had al kind of nutrients to get me ready. and I posted on Monday the recipe for the Pumpkin Granola Cookie Bars that I ate the morning of.


Well race day came. Hubster got up at 6:30am to take me to the picturesque town of Midway and cheer me on. Have I mentioned on here before how wonderful he is to me. We made it there, and it was a chilly, foggy fall morning. I took my place at the starting line, the gun sounded, and we were off!


What a beautiful race! For the first half of it we were running along side picture-perfect, rolling horse farms, nestled in fog with the dew glistening in the sunrise. As we would run past the farms the horses would gallop along with us. I understand why this is one of the top 25 half marathons in the country. I love the world that God made for us!

I ended up running along side another girl for the majority of the race. The race community is such an encouraging place. racers somehow find the place where competition and encouragement go stride for stride with each other. Even though the course was WAY hillier than I had been training on, and neither my running buddy nor I had gone for a long run in three weeks- we were able to spur each other on. We both PR’d by several minutes and came out 2nd and 3rd in our age group. Will said we were like the 13th and 14th women to finish.

Here are some pictures Will captured as I was headed for the finish line.



I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group (for girls), 83rd overall, with a time of 1:39:16 – a 3 minute PR. =) I even won an awesome mug for it! Which I took around and showed to all of my coworkers the next day. lol


I think that hubster was a little impressed. He is proud of me not matter if i finish last, first, or in the middle with the masses, but I think that my performance impressed him a little. The truly impressive thing was the thunderous high-five we had as I ran past him at the half-way point.


The shoes I ran in were really warn out and the course was really hilly – a combination that left my legs sore for a few days. This week was very low on the exercise totem pole. I walked a little, went for a light 1.5 mile jog, and did some cardio. Over all, I was taking the week off to let my body repair and relish the awesome job it did. Now it is time to keep pressing on towards running in a full marathon in the spring. Will actually is going to start running with me! So to get us ready for it, he took me to Jon’s Walk Run Sop to get our feet fitted and get new running shoes that we are both in big need of. I will right about that next Saturday, after we have spent a week in our shoes!

I hope that this has shown you, you can do more than you think you can. Every race I have ran in, I am left with that revelation anew. I hope you have an awesome week!


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