Happy Hour Friday: Izzy’s Gotcha Day

Today, sadly, there will not be any happy hour for me because Will is out of town, BUT there are still reasons to be happy today!  Like the fact that today is Izzy’s Gotcha Day!  We can’t really celebrate her birthday (she should be about 1 year and 6 weeks old), but we can celebrate one year of having her in our family.

I made her puppy friendly cupcakes with peanut butter "frosting."  She LOVES peanut butter!

I made her puppy friendly cupcakes with peanut butter “frosting.” She LOVES peanut butter!

Izzy is the black one.  This is when we got her at the shelter =)

Izzy is the black one. This is when we got her at the shelter =)

she started off the size of Will's foot.

she started off the size of Will’s foot.

You might think it’s ridiculous; I mean, after all she is a dog not an actual kiddo.  To be honest, part of me finds our love of our dog ridiculous too, but maybe if I rewind a year and give you the full story you will understand why we’re celebrating.

Will and I both like dogs and the companionship they bring.  We frequently talked about how much we each wanted one when were dating.  We knew that we were going to want one when we got married, but we wanted to wait a while.  Well, we tried waiting.  But 3 months in to marriage and about 5 months in to my new life in KY we found ourselves giving in.

Not only did I really want a running buddy, but I was getting lonely.  At that point in time, we hadn’t found our community yet.  I didn’t really have any friends, and while Will’s personality type functions fine with a minimal social life – mine does not.

I tell you this now because I don’t feel bad about it anymore.  The truth is you need more than just your spouse.  Three months into marriage it felt like heresy to say that, but I need friends.  I need friends, and I need other godly women as friends.  God has brought me to those people now, but last October was a different story.


I don’t know what was said to change Will’s mind, but one evening he told me “Ok, Sweetheart, you can start looking at dogs.”  We talked about what breeds we were interested in.  Of course Will crunched the numbers and fixed it into our budget, and I set out to find the perfect dog as quickly as possible.

Will told his mom that we were going to start looking and might have a dog after a couple of weeks…. Wrong!  We had a puppy in 48 hours. What can I say, when I definitively want something, I go get it.

Now, we didn’t just get any puppy- we got the perfect puppy (even if her tail didn’t have any fur on it due to a ringworm-like fungus).  This is where God really opened the door.  I was looking and looking.  We had a small budget to work with which made it challenging, but I found this litter of puppies at the pound in the next county over.  Will loved them!  BUT when I called they said the puppies were being shipped out that evening and if we couldn’t get there by 5:30 they would be gone.  I worked till 5, and Will had class till 5.  There was no way we could get there to snatch up the one black Aussie mix puppy they had left.

Side note: as ridiculous as it sounds, I am not ashamed to admit that the night before we prayed that if we were supposed to get a dog that God would make it all work out.

Well he did.  No sooner did we get the news that we wouldn’t be able to get that puppy then Will received an email saying his class was cancelled.  Since I wasn’t busy at work that day, I talked to my boss, and he was all for letting me off early to go get a puppy!  Prayer works folks!

We went to the shelter and got her!  And the rest is history!  From that day on our lives are never lonely.  Izzy is a constant source of joy (except for the two times she ripped a hole in the kitchen floor….).  She is my running buddy and Will’s snuggle bug.  She gets up early with me while I get my daily dose of caffeine and Bible time.

Will's Snuggle Bug then

Will’s Snuggle Bug then



And now.

And now.

If I laugh, squeal, scream when Will is hugging or tickling me then Izzy will attack him instantly; I love that I have someone to help me attack him back lol!

Get 'em!

Get ’em!

While Will is on the computer Izzy is snuggled up on whatever jacket is laying next to his book bag behind him.  While I am cooking, Izzy’s right by my feet to clean up after me.   She sleeps with us, eats with us, hikes with us, watches TV with us, and gives us the most enthusiastic welcome home I could ever imagine.

hiking =)

hiking =)

She knows what my running clothes look like and starts getting excited when she sees me get them out.  She still doesn’t like the car.  She can tell when we are packing, and she can tell the difference between us packing for the farm and us packing for a trip.  The latter makes her nervous.  She loves the farm.  She’s free there.  She comes alive in the country; gets it from Will.  She inherited her need to always be doing something and treating Will like a pillow from me.

Our morning routine =)

Our morning routine =)

I could tell you a lot more about her, but the most important thing is that God brought her to us.  Our God, our Father, He wants us to have lives full of joy.  That is something that I am learning.  Maybe that means He works something in a miraculous way, maybe that means He provides a job, maybe that means He opens your eyes to the fact that life is wonderful no matter how much money you have or don’t have, maybe He brings you Fall with all it’s glorious colors and flavors, or maybe He brings you a dog to show you He cares for you and won’t leave you alone.

God wants every Friday to be a happy hour sort of Friday – Sonic drink from your husband or not.  Today, celebrating Izzy Pup is enough.


One response to “Happy Hour Friday: Izzy’s Gotcha Day

  1. We had to put Rufus to rest in July. tell you what, I feel more alone in the house when no one’s home AND i do a lot more cleanup (dropped food). Congratulations on the one year “un-birthday.”

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