November Dinner Menu

Well folks, birthday month has come and gone.  On this Thankful Thursday it is time to share with you our menu for the month of Thanksgiving.  Thankful for our full lives and our full stomachs. =)

throw back to birthday month and my parent's wonderful visit =)

throw back to birthday month and my parent’s wonderful visit =)

November is shaping up to be a busy month (let’s face it, they all are).  You will notice that I only plan on cooking a couple of dinners per week, but I plan on cooking enough for multiple meals.  This allows us to be able to quickly heat something HEALTHY and HOMEMADE up between our after work family run (more on those this Saturday) and evening plans. That’s the way we have been functioning the last couple of weeks, and I think it will work well next month.  We usually only end up cooking half of the items on our menu, so this month I trimmed down the number of things we are supposedly going to cook in an effort to match what usually ends up happening.

You might think that this menu looks a little pricey. Here’s the thing, 1) a lot of the meat that is called for we already have in our chest freezer because we buy it when it’s on sale.  2) We are eating a good amount of rice and potatoes which are cheap.   And 3) there might be meat in a dish, but we are stretching that one package of ground chicken or whatever it may be over 3 meals (6 servings).

So without further ado and needless explanatory ramblings, here is the November Menu!


November Menu

Click here for PDF to save or print, and for weekly shopping lists click here.

My friend Kim (see her lovely life on her blog) sent me this handy dandy weekly menu sheet, so I have the meals and their ingredients for each week broken down on to their own sheet, ready to save or print out if you follow the link above.

If you want links to the recipes that I intend on using for those items that have one, here are a few recipes for things I am making this month that we have tried before and use as go by’s (Ps… you know they are good if they are on the menu again!):

Here are some Recipes that I am going to try out this month:


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