A New Challenge: 30 Days of Thankfulness

I have been a particularly lousy blogger these last couple of months, and it’s time to rectify that. For November I am going to attempt to blog everyday (yes.  I know I am a couple days late).  I see a lot of people doing a 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge with their Facebook statuses.  I am going to attempt to do that with the blog.

I guess I need to fill you in on 3 things that I am  thankful for in order to catch up:

1) Comrades

photo Credit: Erica MacDonald at The Pinnacles in Berea, KY

photo Credit: Erica MacDonald at The Pinnacles in Berea, KY

Will and I have found community, but more importantly we have found comrades.   I have never been a girl’s girl.  Never had much luck being friends with other females.  But that group of women I went hiking with yesterday – they don’t just fill up the lonely moments, they have my back.  They call out the best in me.

2) Operation Hair Chop

15 inches gone!

15 inches gone!

The other big news item I have is that I got 15 INCHES cut off of my hair!  Remember last October when I tried to con everyone into believing I got dreadlocks? That never happened, but Operation Hair Chop really did.  Much thanks to the ladies above for encouraging me to do it and even coming to be moral support for the big event.

My hair literally was down to the top of my jeans.  It was in desperate need of a trim – several inches of trimming.  I have secretly wanted to chop my hair off for a long time; 5 years long time.  But I haven’t mentioned it to anyone other than Will because everyone always told me never to cut my hair.  You could say that my hair was a large part of identity.  Everyone knew me for it, and everyone always complimented me on it.  But on the inside…. I really just wanted to chop it off.

And thankfully I finally did!  My friend Kim came as moral support for Operation Hair chop.   You can see all of her pictures and her take of it in her blog about it here.  As I told her, part of the way I psyched myself into this was the idea of donating my hair so that someone who needs a wig can have one.  People always were complimenting me on my beautiful locks, so why not give someone else the opportunity to soak up some encouraging compliments?

I love it!  I am so glad that I made the decision to do it!  Oh and the best part – Will didn’t know.  He came home from a work trip to me with no hair!  He really likes it =)

3) Our “Family” Pictures


Way back in our long-distance days, Will spent more time in KS visiting me while I was in school than I spent in KY.  Consequently, we have more and better pictures (like the couple hundred awesome engagement photos) back in Kansas.  We both have wanted pictures here in Kentucky, and more specifically, on the farm.  We have a lot of memories and a lot of dreams here;  we wanted some photos to commemorate them.  We talked about using our one year as an excuse to make that happen, but we decided we’d rather wait till the fall when the farm hillsides are dressed in brilliant colors, and the hay has been baled.   Our good friend Erica takes great pictures.  She was super flexible with us and even came all the way from Lexington to take pictures around the farm for us.  I am really thankful for these pictures.  And thankful that Izzy even snuck into a few of them!  I know that these pictures will be treasured memories of our early days.   To see more of them, check out Erica’s album on Facebook here.

IMG_5997 IMG_5923 IMG_4596 IMG_6088

Tomorrow I will share something else that I am thankful for!  Oh what will it be?!

What have you been thankful for the last three days?


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