Day 5: Lunch Time Walks

It might seem like a small thing, but it’s a habit I suggest everyone start up.  Yes it’s healthy for you, but beyond that it refocuses and revitalizes you. Here is why I am so thankful for this free, seemingly insignificant part of my life.

I have written many posts that either imply or explicitly spell out my love for being outdoors.  I was not made to be put in a box.  I was made to walk, run, climb, dig, smell the roses…. My mom always let me go play in the mud growing up.  She and my dad built me a tree house and hooked up a tire swing in our back yard.  I had a jerry-rigged pulley system to get my toys up into the apple tree with me, and had was frequently up above our house in the tip top of the evergreen tree.  Covered in sap of course.

Years of school did not beat the need to be outside out of me.  I still take a recess if you want to call it that.  I go for a walk every day that the weather and my work load permit.  I spend my whole lunch hour outside.  If I need to go pick something up at Kroger, I walk there since it’s only a half a mile away.

I love breathing in the fresh air, stretching my legs, and using my muscles.  It wakes me back up.  It also keeps me from drowning in the minutia of the 8-5.  There is a company a half mile up the road with a pond.  Aside from dodging the geese and geese poo, it’s a beautiful area.  Walking around it reminds me of who God is and who I am.  Walking around it in the fall never fails to brighten my day with all the vivid colors.

Here are some pictures from today’s walk:

20131105_122004 20131105_120916 20131105_121941 20131105_122223


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