Day 6: Blood Brother

So today’s post is a little late, sorry about that.  It’s not that I am not thankful for things; it’s more that I am finding plenty of things to be thankful for but my job, my house, and the microwave seem a little lame to blog about I suppose.

But seriously props to Percy Lebaron Spencer for inventing the microwave; many Americans would starve without you.

Tonight we went to see a movie at Christian Student Fellowship with some friends, and ran into more friends there! It was fun, but the really good part was the movie itself.  It is called Blood Brother.  It is the story of a man who lives in an orphanage in India and cares for children who have HIV.

It is the story of someone who is literally living out the Gospel.  Loving those that are unloved, valuing those who are given no value.  He lives with them, reaches out too them, and shares life with them.

blood brother

click on the movie poster to find out if/when it is showing near you

 I am thankful for people like that man.  I am thankful for movies like that documentary.  I am thankful things that remind me the world is so much bigger than my middle class, American bubble.  The world is full of beautiful people of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life.  All of whom need love and deserve love.

I am thankful for reality checks.  Now that my reality has been snapped out of Pleasantville (picture perfect, black-and-white town for those of you who don’t get the movie reference) the real question is, how do I love on the people around me?  I don’t have to go to an orphanage overseas to love people and share in their burdens.  We can all do that right where we are.  Let’s find ways to do it and be thankful for them.


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