Day 11: Coups…. Super Coups!

Yesterday night Will and I left the grocery store feeling very pleased with ourselves.  Actually we felt like we had ripped off the grocery store, but boy were proud of ourselves for it! Our greatest coupon success so far.

We try to strictly stick to $200/month for food, health and hygiene items, and household cleaning items.  Consequently coupon clipping has become the thing that we follow Sunday brunch with.  We actually lost track of time clipping coupons and scanning the ads and wound up being late to church.  I know…. We are so strange.

Typical Sunday Morning in the Pomeroy Life.  Clipping Coupons over brunch before church =)

Typical Sunday Morning in the Pomeroy Life. Clipping Coupons over brunch before church =)

I don’t know if you know this about Will or not, but he is quite the mastermind.  He started looking through the ad and figuring out how to capitalize on the deals that were going on this week.  Between the two of us we found a coupon for all but 5 or 6 items in our cart.  And everything we had coupons for was already on sale.

Now when we check out we like to wait till the very end to scan the Kroger card and all the coupons.  When the total initially read $84.34 I think that we were a little nervous… how are we going to knock enough off of this total to make it stick with our budget?! But you know what we saved $24 with our Kroger card (some of that was digital coupons) and another $10 in clipped coupons!  That was 41% of our original total.

Maybe you don’t find this very exciting, but trust me, it was! We won’t have to buy cereal for like two months.  We are set on hot chocolate mix for the foreseeable future.  Have enough chocolate chips for several batches of cookies and they are even the name brand (there’s a difference when it comes to chocolate chips).  We even snuck some gluten free munchies in there for me!

so proud of ourselves!

so proud of ourselves!

To quote Col. Hannibal Smith from the A Team “I love it when a plan comes together!”

 And to help you achieve your own coupon-clipping success story here are the few helpful baby steps that we have taken or tips we have received:

  1. Get the coupons from the Sunday paper
  2. One of the biggies is to use cash or gift cards to shop with.  Knowing that you have an physical limit really helps.  The cash is nice because you can split up between you if you like.  But the giftcard was nice too because it was more convenient to carry around and deal with.  Paying in cash stress me out sometimes like everyone around me thinking “Really you have paper money and change…. Who does that anymore?  You take forever!”
  3. Go here:
  4. If your grocery store has a coupons ap or has digital coupons on their website take advantage of those.  They load them to your rewards card and they are automatically discounted when you scan your card.  It’s nice because you don’t have to carry the paper ones around with you, forget them, lose them… etc.
  5. You can sometimes find Nestle Tollhouse, Libby Pumpkin, and Carnation coupons here.
  6. One of my friends recommends: Coupon clipping mom.
  7. You can find P&G coupons here.
  8. If you really want to be hard core about your coups, then make a separate email account to have coupons and deals sent to.  There are so many places that you can sign up for coupons from, and if you have a separate account than your normal email remains spam free!
  9. The thing that Will does to keep me motivated is he takes the money that our receipt shows as “mfg coupons,” manufacturers coupons, and puts it into a separate savings account to help keep me motivated to put effort into clipping coupons. Whenever I/we get home from the store he looks at the receipt and makes the online transfer. I don’t know what it is going to go towards, but he told me that I get to decide.

I hope that this was helpful and/or inspiring. Either way, it’s still something that I am majorly thankful about.

What are you thankful for today?


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