Day 12: SNOW!!!!!

I love the snow.  Nothing brightens my day like the snow.   In college when it would snow I would sit in front of the window wrapped up in a blanket, watching the flakes meander to the ground as I talked to Will on the phone. 

The car was frozen shut when I tried to get in it this morning.

The car was frozen shut when I tried to get in it this morning.

It’s not uncommon to see me outside dancing around in the snow as it falls because I can’t contain my obnoxious excitement.  Seriously, ask my Texan neighbor; not only was he dying of hypothermia while I was in short sleeves, but he also witnessed this when we had our first flurries a couple of weeks ago.

Or ask my coworker who when he saw the tell-tale smile on my face this morning told me to stay away lol.

Or you can ask Will.  Even half asleep he could tell the weatherman came through on his word by the excitement in my voice when I woke him up this morning.

Maybe I should put it this way.  For any of you out there who used to be addicted to Gilmore Girls like I was, I am like Lorelai Gilmore.  When the first snow comes I become completely head-over-heels in love with the world around me.  Or if you ever saw the movie Snow Day (some how that movie comes up weekly in Will and I’s conversations), I too believe that anything is possible on a snow day.

Fall in the snow.  One of the most beautiful things!

Fall in the snow. One of the most beautiful things!

I can tell you why I find the snow so enchanting.  It’s not because I got out of school when it snowed; it doesn’t work like that if you are homeschooled.  Although, my mom did make sure I had some pretty epic snow days.  It’s not because I love being cold…. Because I don’t.  I love snow because of what it reminds me of:

All growing up my mom would always point out the wonder of the snow to me, and then she would follow it up with a statement like this “All those snowflakes are God’s special message to you that you are special to Him and He loves you.”

God has the imagination to make every snowflake splendid and send it on its own unique and graceful path.  He does much the same with us.  He sees us as splendid and enchanting.  He puts us on our unique path that He fills with grace, and if we accept His grace the end result is a beautiful canvas, redeemed and glorious.  Much like the world on frosty morning blanket in undisturbed, glistening white snow.

snow makes all things beautiful!

snow makes all things beautiful!



Will and I are in the process of making a first snow tradition, but since he wasn’t feeling well we kind of missed the boat on it today.  So this year we’ll have to take a rain check and pretend the second snow is the first.

Do you like the snow?  Have any specific snow related traditions or even just favorite things to do when it snows?

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One response to “Day 12: SNOW!!!!!

  1. Devra, i don’t have any special traditions, but I, too, LOVE the snow. Mark and I disagree on removing it from the sidewalk, though. lol. I like to keep up with it – especially when we are expecting half a foot or more. he likes to wait until it stops. Since he has to be at the church, I often have our sidewalks half done by the time he gets home. and I LOVE shoveling the stuff. I keep a child’s snow shovel so I never lift too much weight. I’m jealous of your snow. 🙂

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