Saturday Sweat: Family Runs

Day 14, 15, & 16: Family Runs, No Shin Splints, & New Running Shoes

You all know that I run on a regular basis, but lately I have been getting Will to run too!  A couple of months ago Will made the mistake of telling me that after my half marathon he would start running with me because it would be cooler outside.  I thought I would forget he had mentioned it… as if.  I didn’t forget.  I held him to it!

When we get home from work we all three go for our run.  It’s quite the sight, because Izzy is super competitive.  She will pause to use the bathroom meaning Will passes us. Then Izzy responds by jetting off into a dead sprint – dragging me along behind her – until we catch him.  I really don’t know how I haven’t died or at least suffered a sprained ankle form those moments.

Look how excited Izzy is.... so excited she has me all tangled in the leash.

Look how excited Izzy is…. so excited she has me all tangled in the leash.

It’s awesome having a partner.  While Will and I don’t run the whole time together (yet), just the fact that I know he is going to be running spurs me on when I lack motivation.  Will  is even fine with running in the rain; if it wasn’t for him I would not run on rainy days.

Now, for the second thing that I mentioned being thankful for – no shin splints.  The last two years, every time Will tries to pick up running again he gets shin splints.  So this time around, we have been very cautious, and so far things are looking up!

The first action step that we took was to get new shoes.  I desperately needed new shoes after the Iron Horse Half Marathon.  Will’s shoes were about 3 years old… they were beyond needing replaced.  Both of us have always been cheapskates when buying athletic shoes.  But this time around we decided to do things right.  We went to John’s Run Walk Shop to be fitted for our feet and the way that we move.  That was a new experience.  And it just continues to be true that Will and I are opposites in every way.  Will has to have a wide, and I have to have a narrow!  It has been wonderful wearing shoes that actually fit our feet properly.  Will’s toes and feet don’t hurt, and my laces are laced normal!  Usually I had to tighten my laces to the point that I should have just sown my shoes together.

Our new shoes! Mine are Asics Cumulus 15 Narrow  and Will's are Nike Pegasus+ 30 Wide

Our new shoes!
Mine are Asics Cumulus 15 Narrow and Will’s are Nike Pegasus+ 30 Wide

The other thing Will  has been doing that is helping thwart shin splints is taking it slow.  He started with 1 mile, then the next week 1.5, and this week it’s been 2 miles.  Taking it slow and easy, allowing his body to adjust slowly and with little soreness.  As opposed to overdoing it and feeling like his shins were pulling a Kevin Ware.

All in all, lots to be thankful for.  A shared life is so much richer, even when the thing you are sharing is a sweaty run.


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