Day 20: The Opportunity to Serve in My Own Language

Day 20: The ability/opportunity to serve others in my own language

Before you take this that statement the wrong way, I am not trying to sound like a goodie-goodie.  In fact the the experience prompting this attitude of gratitude was making some cake balls – not building a house in Mexico or caring for orphans.

Once a month I get the opportunity to prepare food for a ministry our church has to exotic dancers in the area.   I do not get to go meet these women, talk with them, laugh with them, see their faces, or be the ones loving on them first hand.  It’s not that I don’t want that; it’s just not the way things worked out. They ended up working out better! Now I get to bake instead! =)

In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, I really enjoy cooking and/or baking, especially when I get to give it away.  I love the look on people’s face when you give them something homemade.  I love putting time and effort into making a creation that is just right.  I love cherishing the recipient in that way.  People craft and give it away for the same reason; I am just really not very good at crafty things.  Working on it little by little because the newly-wed budget does that to you, but I have not arrived in that department at all.  But I do have my foot in the proverbial door, the kitchen door that is, when it comes to cooking tasty things.

Kudos to Pinterest for the place mats, but I actually thought up the little gobblers ALL ON MY OWN!

Kudos to Pinterest for the place mats, but I actually thought up the little gobblers ALL ON MY OWN!

Cooking for Bruised Reed gives me the ability to take something I love doing and bless others with it.  It even lets me avoid the awkwardness of giving it to people…. I find giving people things very awkward.  I would rather mail it, or leave it on your porch, or make Will be my delivery man.

Last night after spending several hours in the kitchen make Cake Ball Turkeys, Casserole, and Iced Oatmeal Cookies I sat down in the computer room with Hubster and told him it had been a perfect evening.  I was so full of joy anticipating the blessing that the work of my two little hands could be to a group of women who are largely used and neglected.

It might sound seem strange to you, but that’s how God wired me.  I would rather give any one in need a home cooked meal than some extra non-perishables from our pantry or a check.  I would rather heal wounds and emotions with chocolate and cookies than bandaids and encouraging notes

God calls us to serve.  Using the kitchen is one of the unique languages He entrusted me with for serving.


If you would like to bless someone (or even yourself) with these little gobblers. Here is how I did it.

  1. Make a 9×13 spice cake.
  2. Let it cool completely and then crumbled it up really small. Mix the cake crumbs with a can of cream cheese frosting.
  3. Roll the mixture (it will be kind of cookie dough-ish in consistency) into balls and chill them in them for at least two hours.  I left mine in the freezer overnight.
  4. Melt a package of vanilla candy coating (sometimes it’s called almond bark) and then dip the chilled cake balls in them.
  5. Place the dipped ball onto a greased cookie sheet.
  6. Immediately Before the coating hardens stick on the candy corns shake on some sprinkles
  7. ta da! Once the coating hardens completely (give it 30 minutes) you can gobble them up!20131119_194044 20131119_194124 20131119_194140

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